Disco Elysium: Adjusting Graphics Settings on PC

In this section of our Disco Elysium game guide, we will discuss the graphics settings available on the PC version of the game and how they impact its performance and visual quality.

Although Disco Elysium offers limited graphics settings, players can still customize their display options, which is particularly helpful for those with less powerful computers.

Below is a list of the available graphics settings in Disco Elysium:

  1. Display Mode: This option allows you to choose between full screen or windowed display.
  2. Resolution: You can select the optimal resolution for Disco Elysium based on your monitor’s native resolution to ensure optimal image quality. A lower resolution will result in a blurry display.
  3. Environment FX: This option affects the level of detail in the graphics. If you have a high-performance computer, you can set this to “High.” Otherwise, you can select “Low” or “Medium.”
  4. Anti-Aliasing: This option smooths edges but can make the display appear blurry. It’s generally recommended to turn it off.
  5. Dynamic Shadows: This option displays shadows in real-time but puts additional strain on your graphics card.
  6. Shader Quality: This option renders object shadows. The higher the resolution and number of shadows on-screen, the more graphics card resources are required. Lowering the shader quality can help improve performance on less powerful computers.


What are the recommended PC graphics settings for Disco Elysium?

The recommended PC graphics settings for Disco Elysium depend on your system’s hardware. However, the game does not require high-end hardware to run smoothly. For a good balance between graphics quality and performance, we recommend setting the resolution to 1080p and graphics quality to medium. If you have a lower-end system, you can decrease the graphics quality to low, and if you have a high-end system, you can increase the graphics quality to high. Keep in mind that increasing the graphics quality will also increase the demand on your system’s hardware.

Can I customize the PC graphics settings in Disco Elysium?

Yes, you can customize the PC graphics settings in Disco Elysium. The game offers a variety of graphics settings that you can adjust to suit your preferences and system’s hardware. To access the graphics settings, click on the “Options” menu in the main menu, then select “Graphics”. From there, you can adjust the resolution, graphics quality, VSync, anti-aliasing, and texture quality. You can also choose to play the game in borderless windowed mode or fullscreen mode. Experiment with the settings to find the best balance between graphics quality and performance for your system.

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