Disco Elysium: Getting the Body Down – Walkthrough

This page of the Disco Elysium guide provides you with a thorough walkthrough for the quest named Getting the Body Down.

In Disco Elysium, during the quest Getting the Body Down, your task is to bring down the body of a man who has been hanged behind the Whirling-In-Rags hotel. This can be accomplished in two primary ways.

After completing the Inspect Victim’s Body quest, where you need to perform an initial visual inspection of the crime scene and examine the hanged body, the mission is added to the log.

  • Direct Hit
  • Union Aid

Direct Hit

If you choose the Direct Hit approach, you can earn the thoughts Ace’s High/Ace’s Low by successfully shooting the rope.

After examining the Hanged body, consult with Kim and ask how to get the body down (So, how do we get him down?).

As the conversation proceeds, choose the dialog option “Maybe we could shoot him down?” and then:

  1. Just shoot the belt, the bullet will break it: this will suggest that it is worth trying your luck and shooting the belt on which the man was hanged;
  2. Take the shot lieutenant – what’s the worst thing that could happen?: this will encourage Kim to take the shot;
  3. Easy does it, partner: after this dialogue, Kim will aim and shoot.

Unfortunately, Kim’s attempt fails, so you need to take matters into your own hands – select the dialog option “Can I have the gun? I should try.” Kim will agree and hand over his weapon to you.

Shooting the body down requires passing the Hand/Eye Coordination skill check, which can be quite challenging if Harrier’s hand-eye coordination is poor. To increase your chances slightly, choose the dialog option “Close your left eye first” before firing the shot. If the attempt is successful, the body will fall to the ground, and you can proceed to the next task – Perform field autopsy.

After successfully shooting down the branch, high five Kim (and if you have a high Physical Instrument, then double high five) to significantly improve your relationship.

You can also use your own weapon, but you must locate it first – therefore, the story progress related to the body will be partially halted.

Union Aid

If you gain the respect of Measurehead – race theory/knocking him down, you can take the body off without talking to Evrart. However, this option will not be available if these actions have been done earlier.

During the first conversation with the head of the Union, Harrier will lose 1 Health when he sits in an extremely uncomfortable chair (unless you successfully complete the Pain Treshold check). At some point, a dialog option appears where you can ask Evrart to help you remove the body from the tree – “Could you please help me get a dead body down from a tree?”.

If you’re unsure where to find the head of the Union, check out “Where is Evrart Claire?”

The initial step to solve the mystery is to get Evrart Claire involved. Initially, he may not be willing to help, but Kim will interrupt the conversation and inform him that the Union is most likely responsible for hanging the man on the cargo belt. Choose the “Yeah, the belt thing” dialog option, and Evrart will agree to aid you by sending you to his trusted man, Measurehead.

After locating Measurehead, persuade him to assist you in getting the corpse down from the tree by selecting the following dialog options: “You’re right about this. Now I need you to help me get that corpse down from the tree,” “Evrart told you to help us get the body down from the tree,” and “Okay then.” You will be required to watch the bridge while Measurehead retrieves the body.

If you’re unsure where to locate Evrart’s trusted man, visit Measurehead. Once the body has been removed, thank Measurehead for his cooperation, and conduct a field autopsy at the scene to proceed with the “Perform field autopsy quest.”


1. How do I get the body down in Disco Elysium?

Getting the body down in Disco Elysium can be a tricky task, but it’s a necessary step in progressing through the game. First, you’ll need to talk to Joyce, the cafeteria manager, and ask her for help. She’ll tell you that she needs a ladder to reach the body. You can find a ladder near the fishing village, just south of the boardwalk. Once you have the ladder, return to Joyce and help her set it up. Then, climb the ladder and interact with the body to cut it down.

2. Can I fail to get the body down?

Yes, it is possible to fail to get the body down in Disco Elysium. If you don’t have enough points in Physical Instrument, you may fall off the ladder and take damage, or even die. Additionally, if you don’t have enough points in Perception or Logic, you may miss important clues and be unable to progress the story.

3. What happens after I get the body down?

After you get the body down in Disco Elysium, you’ll need to examine it for clues. You’ll discover that the man was hanged, and you’ll need to investigate the surrounding area to find out who did it. Talking to the locals and examining the evidence will lead you to new leads and eventually progress the story.

4. Can I get help from other characters to get the body down?

While Joyce is the primary character who can help you get the body down in Disco Elysium, there are other characters who may be able to assist you. For example, if you have a high enough level of Authority, you can ask the police to help you. However, this may not always be the best option, as it can affect your relationship with other characters and change the outcome of the story.

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