Disco Elysium: Guide for “Speak to the Assault Victim” quest

This page provides a comprehensive guide for completing the “Speak to the Assault Victim” quest in Disco Elysium.

In this quest, you need to converse with Klaasje, a woman who claims to have been sexually assaulted by a mercenary named Lely.

To reach Klaasje, knock on her door (the third one on the same floor as your room). Alternatively, you can use the secret passage (Explore the Whirling’s secret passages) to get to her. Note that she won’t be in her room late at night.

Upon talking to Klaasje, she will confess that she wasn’t actually assaulted by the deceased mercenary. When asked about the man’s death, she will reveal that he was involved in the strike and worked against the Union for Wild Pines.

Return to Titus and inform him of Klaasje’s confession. He will be displeased and give you a recording in which the mercenary known as the “Soldier of Apocalypse” supposedly admits guilt. This will trigger the Doorgunner Megamix quest.


1. How do I find the assault victim in Disco Elysium?

To find the assault victim in Disco Elysium, head to the Whirling-In-Rags hostel and ask the manager about the case. He’ll point you in the direction of a nearby pawnshop where you can find a lead. The pawnshop owner, Ruby, will tell you that the victim is staying at a nearby church. Head to the church and speak to the man lying on the bench outside to begin the conversation.

2. What should I say to the assault victim?

When speaking to the assault victim in Disco Elysium, it’s important to be gentle and empathetic. Ask about his injuries and how he’s feeling, and try to get him to open up about what happened to him. Be patient and listen carefully to what he says, as this will help you move forward in the case.

3. How do I get the assault victim to trust me?

In order to get the assault victim to trust you in Disco Elysium, you’ll need to approach him with empathy and understanding. Don’t push him too hard or ask too many questions at once, and be sure to listen carefully to his responses. As you build a rapport with him, he’ll begin to open up and share more information about the assault.

4. What information can I gather from the assault victim?

Speaking to the assault victim in Disco Elysium can yield valuable information about the case. He may provide details about the attackers, their motives, and any weapons they used. Additionally, he may be able to provide information about the location of the assault and any witnesses who may have seen what happened.

5. How do I use the information from the assault victim to progress the case?

Once you’ve gathered information from the assault victim in Disco Elysium, it’s important to use that information to continue your investigation. Talk to other characters in the game to see if they can corroborate the victim’s story, and use any new leads to gather more evidence. Ultimately, your goal is to identify the attackers and bring them to justice.

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