Disco Elysium: Guide to End-of-day debrief with Kim

This page of the Disco Elysium game guide provides a walkthrough for completing the End-of-day debrief with Kim task.

This task requires you to talk to Kim about the progress made during the first day of the investigation. Start by asking Kim for basic information about the case.

To perform the task, head to the hotel room in Whirling-In-Rags after 22:00 and pay Garte for the damages caused earlier (Pay for damages task). Follow Kim onto the balcony, summarize your progress and plan your next move.


1. What is Disco Elysium?

Disco Elysium is a role-playing video game developed by ZA/UM. The game is set in a fictional city called Revachol, where you play as a detective trying to solve a murder case. The game is unique in that it focuses heavily on dialogue and character interactions rather than combat. The game also features a unique skill system, where different skills can affect dialogue options and the outcome of the game.

2. Who is Kim and why is he important?

Kim Kitsuragi is a character in Disco Elysium who serves as the player character’s partner and assistant throughout the game. He is a highly competent detective who acts as a mentor to the player character. Kim is an important character in the game because he provides guidance and support to the player character, and his interactions with the player character can affect the game’s outcome.

3. What is an end-of-day debrief with Kim?

An end-of-day debrief with Kim is a feature in Disco Elysium where the player character can discuss the events of the day with Kim. The debrief allows the player character to reflect on their actions and decisions, and can affect the character’s mental state and progression in the game. The debrief with Kim also provides an opportunity for character development and relationship building between the player character and Kim.

4. What is a walkthrough for Disco Elysium’s end-of-day debrief with Kim?

A walkthrough for Disco Elysium’s end-of-day debrief with Kim would typically involve discussing the events of the day with Kim, reflecting on the player character’s decisions and actions, and considering how they can better approach situations in the future. The debrief may involve discussing specific characters or events that occurred during the day, and considering how the player character’s skills and abilities may affect future interactions. The walkthrough may also involve considering the player character’s mental state and how their actions may be affecting their psyche.

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