Disco Elysium: How to Interview the Wild Pines Representative – Walkthrough

In this section of the Disco Elysium guide, we will provide you with a walkthrough for the Interview the Wild Pines rep quest.

The aim of the Interview the Wild Pines rep quest in Disco Elysium is to speak with Joyce Messier and inquire about her knowledge of the murder.

You can find Joyce Messier on a sailboat docked in the harbor located in the western end of the district, next to the Capside Apartments. Speaking with Joyce will bring this task to a close. However, to acquire vital information regarding the murder (Joyce’s info on the lynching quest), you must persuade Joyce of your authenticity by:

  1. Locating your badge (Track down your badge quest);
  2. Carrying out The Jam Mystery task – this will have a long-term beneficial effect in other tasks (requires passing a red skill check in the dialogue about the mission).

While conversing with Joyce, you may also plead with her for a large sum of money – 100 Real – by passing the white skill check. However, it is preferable to do so only after receiving cash from Kim by selling his spinners to pay off your accommodation.


1. What is the Wild Pines company and their role in Disco Elysium?

Wild Pines is a major corporation that operates in the world of Disco Elysium. The company has a strong presence in the city of Revachol, where the game takes place. Wild Pines is involved in various industries, including logging and mining. The company is known for its ruthless business practices and exploitation of natural resources. In the game, Wild Pines plays a significant role in the plot, and the player has several opportunities to interact with its representatives.

2. Who is the Wild Pines representative and why is he important?

The Wild Pines representative is a key character in the game. He is a high-ranking executive of the company who comes to Revachol to deal with a major crisis. The player is tasked with interviewing him as part of their investigation. The representative is important because he holds valuable information that can help the player solve the case. He is also a complex character who has his own agenda and motivations, which the player must uncover through dialogue and observation.

3. How do you prepare for the interview with the Wild Pines representative?

Preparing for the interview with the Wild Pines representative is crucial to the success of the investigation. Before the interview, the player should gather as much information as possible about the company and its operations. This can be done by talking to other characters, examining documents and items, and exploring the city. The player should also choose their approach carefully, depending on their character’s skills and personality. For example, a character with high empathy may want to use a more diplomatic approach, while a character with high logic may prefer a more analytical approach.

4. What are some possible outcomes of the interview with the Wild Pines representative?

The interview with the Wild Pines representative can have various outcomes, depending on the player’s choices and actions. One possible outcome is that the representative provides valuable information that helps the player solve the case. Another possible outcome is that the representative withholds information or lies to the player, which can lead to a dead end or a false lead. The player’s approach to the interview can also affect the outcome. For example, being too aggressive or confrontational may cause the representative to become defensive or uncooperative.

5. How does the interview with the Wild Pines representative fit into the overall story of Disco Elysium?

The interview with the Wild Pines representative is a crucial part of the overall story of Disco Elysium. It is one of the main plot points that drives the narrative forward and provides the player with important clues and information. The interview also reveals the motivations and agendas of various characters, including the representative himself. The outcome of the interview can have a significant impact on the rest of the game, as it can lead the player down different paths and affect the ending.

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