Disco Elysium: How to Return Lena’s Pin – Walkthrough

This page of the Disco Elysium game guide provides a walkthrough for the Return Lena’s Pin side task.

The Return Lena’s Pin task in Disco Elysium becomes available after you seek help from a woman in a wheelchair and pass a red Suggestion skill check, which results in you receiving Lena’s pin. Once you promise to return the pin, the task appears in your journal, but you can also return it without making a promise.

You can pawn the pin at Roy’s Pawnshop to receive a small sum of money. The task ends when you buy back the pin from Roy and return it to Lena. Alternatively, you can choose to do the Pay Lena Back for Pin side task and give her money instead. The third option is to return the pin immediately after receiving it to earn 10 XP for free.


1. What is Lena’s pin and why do I need to return it in Disco Elysium?

Lena’s pin is a small piece of jewelry that belongs to the character Lena, who is a resident of the Whirling-in-Rags hotel in Disco Elysium. You need to return the pin to her as part of a side quest in the game. The pin is important to Lena, as it was a gift from her mother, and she is very upset about losing it.

2. Where can I find Lena’s pin in Disco Elysium?

You can find Lena’s pin in the trash can outside the Whirling-in-Rags hotel. The pin is located in the lower left corner of the screen, and you will need to use your perception skill to spot it. Once you have found the pin, you can return it to Lena and complete the side quest.

3. What happens if I don’t return Lena’s pin in Disco Elysium?

If you don’t return Lena’s pin to her in Disco Elysium, she will be very upset and the side quest will remain unfinished. This may affect your relationship with Lena and other characters in the game, as well as your overall progress and ending.

4. Are there any rewards for returning Lena’s pin in Disco Elysium?

Returning Lena’s pin in Disco Elysium will not give you any significant rewards in terms of gameplay or items. However, completing the side quest and helping Lena will improve your reputation and standing with her and other characters in the game. It may also lead to additional dialogue options and storylines.

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