Disco Elysium: Step-by-Step Guide to Finding the Truth from Titus

This guide will walk you through the “Get the whole story from Titus” mission in Disco Elysium.

The goal of this mission is to uncover the truth about the events that occurred at the Whirling-In-Rags building by talking to Titus.

  • Talking to Titus
  • Klaasje Interrogation
  • Further interrogation of Klaasje – optional

Talking to Titus

To get Titus to tell you the truth about the mercenary’s death, you’ll need to pass a difficult Rhetoric skill check. However, there are ways to make this easier:

  1. Do the autopsy and find the bullet before starting the mission
  2. Complete the side quest “The Jam Mystery” and link the Hardie Boys with drug smuggling
  3. Open the apartment door for Evrart
  4. Mention that Evrart told you to cooperate
  5. Exhaust all dialog options with Klaasje and learn the Compromised skillset
  6. Discover that eight people participated in the lynching by examining the footprints at the crime scene
  7. Warn the Hardie Boys of a possible tribunal by mercenaries
  8. Do not pressure Angus in the early conversation

Once you pass the skill check, Titus will tell you that the Hardie Boys hung the body of the mercenary to cover up the fact that he was shot in the head. Tibbs replaced the broken window, and they hung the body behind the Whirling-In-Rags building. For more details, talk to Klaasje.

Klaasje Interrogation

Tell Klaasje that Titus has revealed the truth to you, and she will apologize for deceiving you. During the conversation, you’ll learn:

The woman who lied about the murder was once employed by Moralintern and did their dirty work, so she feared for her life if she appeared on police records. Klaasje was in bed with a mercenary when she heard broken glass and saw a hole in the balcony window. Both were intoxicated and Klaasje did not see the shooter. She went downstairs and Sylvie noticed something was wrong. They dragged the man’s body to the bathroom, hung him in the shower with a belt, and faked the cause of death. Ruby was involved in the cover-up and Klaasje lied about her identity. If you pass a Drama skill check, you can learn more information about the murder and Klaasje’s true identity. She may also point to Ruby as a suspect if threatened with arrest.

In the first point, the woman admits to making a mistake by trusting Ruby, who had developed feelings for her and became overprotective, resulting in an unhealthy relationship.

In the second point, Ruby urged Klaasje to end her relationship with Lely and even threatened her. As a result, they stopped talking to each other.

The woman highlights the fact that when she ran downstairs, Ruby appeared unsurprised and acted very methodically, faking the hanging and cleaning up as if it was part of a pre-planned scheme.

It is possible that Ruby utilized the hidden passage (as part of the “Explore the Whirling’s secret passages” task), fired the shot, and escaped.


What is Disco Elysium?

Disco Elysium is a role-playing game that was released in 2019. The game follows a detective who is trying to solve a murder case in the city of Revachol. The game is unique in that it features an open-world environment where players can explore, interact with characters, and make choices that impact the outcome of the story. The game has received critical acclaim for its writing, characters, and gameplay mechanics.

Who is Titus and why is his walkthrough important?

Titus is a character in Disco Elysium who can provide players with a walkthrough of the game. The walkthrough is important because it can help players navigate the complex story and make decisions that lead to the best possible outcome. Titus is a knowledgeable character who can provide players with tips on how to solve puzzles and complete quests.

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