Discovering the Hidden Crypt – Via Veritas

This page provides a guide for the story mission of Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which involves discovering the hidden crypt.

Lara’s first visit to the Mission of San Juan takes place during the main mission, Via Veritas. She must locate a secret crypt hidden beneath the local library.

  • Reaching the Library
  • Locating the Crypt Entrance in the Library

Reaching the Library

The Mission of San Juan is a large location with plenty of secrets to uncover, including a crypt and a tomb. You can also interact with NPCs, such as a new merchant and a side quest giver. To start the main mission, you need to locate Abby’s friend and begin a conversation.

Your objective is to reach the local library, which is situated in the east end of the village (as shown in the picture above). Jonah hands Lara a leaflet about the Stations of the Way of the Cross (Seven Steps Closer to God), which is useful for solving the upcoming puzzle.

Locating the Crypt Entrance in the Library

You can find some optional items, like letters, in the library. However, they are not necessary for completing the mission. Break the wall depicted in the picture above to reveal a wall with a quote.

Proceed to the library’s upper floor and locate the book shown in the picture above. This triggers a cut-scene.

You can find another damaged wall on the same floor. Use an axe to uncover a new quote.

Return to the ground floor and examine the largest mural (Heron and Eclipse). Press the interaction button to initiate a cut-scene, which destroys the mural and reveals another one.

The next step is to find the cross. Head to the room on the opposite end of the library and use your axe to break down the wall depicted in picture 1. This reveals a large cross (as shown in picture 2), which unlocks a secret passage to the crypt.


What is the secret crypt?

The secret crypt is a hidden underground chamber that is said to contain ancient artifacts and treasures. It is rumored to be located somewhere in the city of Via Veritas, but its exact location remains a mystery. Many people have tried to find the crypt over the years, but very few have succeeded.

Why is the secret crypt so hard to find?

The secret crypt is well-hidden and heavily guarded. It is said to be located deep underground, accessible only through a network of tunnels and passages that are difficult to navigate. Furthermore, the crypt is protected by a series of traps and puzzles that must be solved in order to gain entry. These traps and puzzles are said to be so complex that only the most skilled and knowledgeable treasure hunters have a chance of solving them.

Has anyone ever found the secret crypt?

There are rumors that a few people have found the secret crypt over the years, but these stories are difficult to verify. Some people claim that they have seen artifacts that could only have come from the crypt, while others say that they have heard whispers of its location from those who have been there. However, no one has ever come forward with concrete proof of the crypt’s existence or its location.

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