Do Important Choices Matter in Elex 2?

On this page of the Elex 2 guide, you will discover whether or not the game contains important choices that influence the story and the characters you encounter.

This section of the Elex 2 game guide explains whether or not crucial decisions are necessary to progress. Here, you will find out if your choices significantly impact the quest, story, or characters in the game world.

Are There Significant Choices in Elex 2?

Choosing a faction is the most critical decision in Elex 2. Once you make a selection, there is no going back, and it has a significant impact on the remainder of the game. Each faction has its own storyline, so if you join the Berserkers, you will not be able to complete the Alb or Morkon quests. Selecting a faction also affects the skills and equipment available to you. Joining a particular group unlocks exclusive perks and faction-specific weapons.

In addition, the faction you select will also participate in the game’s main storyline, but this only affects the dialogues and the story summary. While completing the faction’s missions, you will need to make important choices. In each faction’s quest line, there is a story thread in which you will have to choose a side.

In many conversations, you get to decide Jax’s response (specifically, whether he is more or less friendly towards a given character), but this usually only affects the level of Destruction. You won’t notice the significance of the Destruction level immediately, but in the long run, it can affect your relationships with your companions.

During some quests, you will also have the option to spare or kill a particular person or choose a side during a conflict. Sometimes, this alters the course of the mission, but these are minor differences, and in most situations, the choice only affects the aforementioned level of Destruction.


1. Are there important choices in Elex 2?

Yes, Elex 2 is a role-playing game that emphasizes player choice and consequence. Like its predecessor, Elex, the game features a branching narrative that allows players to make critical decisions that affect the story, characters, and world. The choices you make will have a significant impact on the game’s outcome and determine the fate of the factions and characters you encounter.

2. How do choices affect the gameplay in Elex 2?

The choices you make in Elex 2 will have a profound impact on the gameplay. For example, your decision to ally with a particular faction or character will affect the quests you receive, the equipment you can use, and the abilities you can learn. Some choices may even close off entire questlines or areas of the game, which means you’ll have to think carefully about your decisions and their consequences.

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