Duty or Dishonor

How to trigger: Speak to captain Kells on board the Prydwen (M7,2). This mission will become available once you’ve completed The Lost Patrol and Show No Mercy.

Mission objectives:

  • Talk to Knight-Sergeant Gavil
  • Interrogate Knight Lucia
  • Interrogate Initiate Clarke
  • Talk to Knight-Sergeant Gavil
  • Read Knight Lucia’s Log
  • Confront Knight Lucia
  • Shadow Initiate Clarke
  • Find Initiate Clarke
  • Optional: Exterminate the ghouls
  • Confront Initiate Clarke
  • Report to Captain Kells

Talk to Knight-Sergeant Gavil

You can get this mission from Captain Kells, who is located on the bridge of the Prydwen ship. However, you need to complete two other missions – The Lost Patrol and Show No Mercy – before it becomes available. Kells suspects someone is stealing supplies from the warehouse in Boston Airport, and your task is to find out who’s responsible.

Your first step is to go to Boston Airport and talk to Knight-Sergeant Gavil. You’ll need to walk with him for a while until you reach a secluded spot where you can talk. He won’t tell you anything, but he’ll suggest talking to Lucia and Clarke, who can be found in the same room.

Read Knight Lucia’s Log

If you have high charisma, you can get some information about Clarke during your conversation with Lucia. Similarly, when talking to Clarke, you can learn something about Lucia. Return to Gavil, who tells you to look for evidence. Travel to the Prydwen and go to the main deck. Use the stairs to reach a higher floor and search Lucia and Clarke’s lockers. Both are secured with a novice level lock. Take Lucia’s log and read it.

Follow Initiate Clarke

You must stay far away so that Clarke will not see you.

You must now meet with Lucia again at Boston Airport. She will suggest following Clarke to learn more. He will enter the airport ruins, and you’ll need to find him. Explore various metro rooms, which can take more than a dozen minutes depending on how much you focus on exploration and item collection.

Once you catch up with Clarke, you’ll need to talk to him. You have several options:

  • Keep it a secret between you and Clarke. In this case, you’ll have to lie to Captain Kells.
  • Spare him, but tell the Brotherhood. As punishment, they’ll send him to the Cambridge Police Station. Later on, during one of the Railroad’s missions, you’ll be able to break him out.
  • Simply kill Clarke. Keep in mind that if you start killing ghouls, Clarke will attack you automatically.

If you decide to kill the ghouls, take the card that allows you to open the door to the room below. Kill all incoming ghouls. Equip a powerful weapon, such as a miniature atomic bomb launcher, and enter the final room, where you’ll encounter the strongest opponents.

Return to Captain Kells

To complete the mission, make your way back to Captain Kells. Take the elevator to the surface for a quicker route. Once you’ve arrived at the Prydwen, speak with Kells to receive your reward of 100 bottlecaps.

Quest rewards include experience points and 100 bottlecaps.


1. What does it mean to choose between duty and dishonor?

Choosing between duty and dishonor can be a difficult decision, as it involves weighing the importance of one’s obligations and reputation. Duty refers to one’s responsibility or obligation to do what is right, even if it is difficult or unpopular. Dishonor, on the other hand, refers to behavior or actions that are considered unethical or shameful. When faced with a choice between duty and dishonor, one must consider the long-term consequences of their decision and whether it aligns with their personal values and beliefs.

2. What are some real-life examples of choosing between duty and dishonor?

Real-life examples of choosing between duty and dishonor can be seen in various professions, such as law enforcement, military, and healthcare. For example, a police officer may be faced with the decision to report misconduct by a fellow officer, even if it means going against the “blue wall of silence” and potentially facing backlash from their colleagues. In the military, soldiers may be asked to carry out orders that go against their moral code, such as engaging in torture or targeting innocent civilians. In healthcare, doctors and nurses may be asked to prioritize profits over patient care, leading to unethical practices and harm to patients.

3. How can one ensure they make the right choice between duty and dishonor?

Making the right choice between duty and dishonor requires a strong moral compass and the ability to stand up for what is right, even in the face of adversity. It is important to prioritize one’s values and beliefs over short-term gains or peer pressure. Seeking guidance from trusted mentors or confidants can also help in making difficult decisions. Additionally, staying informed about the laws and ethical guidelines of one’s profession can provide a framework for making ethical decisions. Ultimately, choosing duty over dishonor may not always be easy, but it is necessary for upholding one’s integrity and reputation.

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