Elex 2: Caja Companion Guide

This page provides information on how to recruit Caja as your companion and improve your relationship with her in Elex 2.

  • Caja’s location and recruitment
  • Fighting with Caja
  • Building a relationship with Caja

Caja’s Location and Recruitment

Caja is Jax’s wife and one of the first characters you encounter in Elex 2. You will meet her during the “Where is Caja?” quest shortly after the prologue. She can be found at the Berserkers’ outpost in western Carakis (south of the Bastion) as shown in the screenshot above. After completing the “Only a Dead Morkon” quest, you can ask her to join you on your journey.

If you encounter difficulty defeating the Morkons, try using ranged weapons to target the red barrels in their camp, which can cause explosions that damage nearby enemies. Once you’ve completed the quest, return to Caja and ask her to join you.

Fighting with Caja

Caja is a Berserker mage who mainly uses fire spells during battles. She can be a valuable asset in the early stages of the game, as her spells can help you defeat difficult monsters.

Building a Relationship with Caja

  1. Performing good deeds that reduce your Destruction level will improve your relationship with Caja, while bad deeds will have the opposite effect.
  2. Caja favors decisions that benefit the Berserkers and Clerics, but dislikes those that aid the Outlaws, Morkons, and Albs.
  3. Caja appreciates courageous and cunning decisions, but dislikes foolishness and greed.

Note that it is possible to romance Caja, but this requires a strong relationship with her. More information on this can be found on the “Romances” page.


What is Caja in Elex 2?

Caja is one of the companions you can recruit in the game Elex 2. She is a rebel fighter who is trying to overthrow the Albs. Caja is a skilled warrior who uses a crossbow and a sword to fight her enemies. She is also a tech expert who can hack into security systems and access locked areas. Caja is a tough and independent character who is not afraid to speak her mind. She has a strong sense of justice and is always willing to help those in need. If you decide to recruit Caja as your companion, she will accompany you on your journey and provide assistance in combat and hacking.

How do you recruit Caja in Elex 2?

To recruit Caja in Elex 2, you must first meet her in the game. Caja can be found in the Hort area, which is located in the northern region of the map. Once you meet Caja, you will need to complete a quest for her. The quest involves helping Caja and her rebel group to infiltrate an Alb base and steal some valuable technology. If you successfully complete the quest, Caja will offer to join your team as a companion. You can then choose to accept or decline her offer. If you accept, Caja will be available to help you in combat and hacking throughout the rest of the game.

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