Elex 2: Communicating with NPCs and Unique Dialogue Options

This page of the Elex 2 guide provides information on communicating with NPCs and the various choices and unique variations of dialogue options.

This page of the Elex 2 game guide is dedicated to NPC dialogues. You will learn how to identify choices during conversations, why you cannot initiate a conversation, when special dialogue options may appear, and much more.

  • Why you are unable to initiate conversations
  • How NPCs react to Jax’s words
  • Choices during conversations
  • Special dialogue options

Why you are unable to initiate conversations

There are two main reasons why NPCs may decline to initiate a conversation with you:

  1. The character has nothing to say or Jax has already had the only possible conversation with them.
  2. The NPC is engaged in a conversation with another character. Interrupting the conversation may be seen as impolite and, in some cases, may worsen your relationship with the character. Always wait until the NPC is finished with their conversation before attempting to talk to them.

How NPCs react to Jax’s words

Remember that the dialogue choices you make can affect an NPC’s attitude towards you, either positively (if they admire what you said or you promise to assist them) or negatively (if they have a different perspective or have been insulted).

The game displays notifications on the screen each time their attitude changes. To avoid making the wrong decisions in conversations, it is recommended that you save the game beforehand, which is also recommended for the choices described below.

Choices during conversations

When conversing with NPCs, you may be able to select choices in addition to regular dialogue options, which can be identified by the brackets next to the given selections. This indicates whether a particular selection will lead to bribing an NPC, deceiving them, or intimidating them.

Be cautious because, in extreme cases, selecting the wrong dialogue option can cause an NPC to have a permanently negative attitude towards the protagonist or even initiate a fight. If you genuinely want to avoid fighting the other person, do not select these options.

Special dialogue options

In certain circumstances, you may have the option to choose unique responses or behaviors. These options are mainly divided into two types.

The first type of options is linked to the character’s attributes, and the description shows their requirements – in the above screenshot, you require 50 strength points. By selecting these options, you may initiate a new topic, have an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge, or alter the conversation’s course. You may also earn a small amount of XP.

The second type of options pertains to the protagonist’s Destruction level, which is the game’s reputation/morality system. These options appear when Jax’s Destruction level is high or low enough. These options also allow you to alter the conversation’s course, such as intimidating the NPC or extracting additional information from them.


What is Elex 2 and what makes it different from the first game?

Elex 2 is the upcoming sequel to the open-world action role-playing game Elex, developed by Piranha Bytes. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where players can join one of three factions and explore a vast, dangerous world filled with mutated creatures and other dangers. One of the major features that sets Elex 2 apart from its predecessor is the expanded dialogue system. Players will have more opportunities to interact with non-playable characters (NPCs) and engage in deep, meaningful conversations that can potentially affect the outcome of the game. Additionally, players will have access to special dialogue options that can be unlocked by making certain choices or meeting certain conditions, adding even more depth and replayability to the game.

Can the player’s choices in dialogue actually affect the game’s outcome?

Yes, the choices players make in dialogue can have a significant impact on the game’s story and ending. Depending on the player’s interactions with NPCs and the choices they make during conversations, they may gain allies or enemies, alter the course of quests, or even change the game’s ending. The expanded dialogue system in Elex 2 allows for more nuanced and complex interactions with NPCs, making the player’s choices feel more meaningful and impactful. By choosing the right dialogue options and making strategic decisions, players can shape the world of Elex 2 in their own image and create a truly unique gameplay experience.

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