Elex 2: Companions – Nasty

This guide page for Elex 2 provides details on Nasty, a companion character. Here, you will learn how to find and recruit Nasty, as well as how to establish and maintain a positive relationship with her.

Within this guide to Elex 2, you will find information on Nasty, one of the game’s available companions. You will discover the location of the former outlaw, how to recruit her, the types of attacks she uses, and how to improve or worsen your relationship with her.

  • Nasty – companion location and recruitment
  • Fighting alongside Nasty
  • Building a relationship with Nasty

Nasty – companion location and recruitment

Nasty is a Morkon, formerly an outlaw and a returning character from Elex 1. To find her, you must locate the Grotto, the Morkon’s underground city.

Upon gaining entry to the Grotto, head eastward to reach the training grounds where Nasty is bullying someone.

During conversation, you can mention your search for allies. Nasty will ask Jax for help, but you may add her to your party immediately before commencing her quest, Diplomatic Imbroglios.

Fighting alongside Nasty

Nasty is a warrior who uses a two-handed sword in melee combat and a rifle at range, making her a relatively versatile character.

Building a relationship with Nasty

  1. Actions that increase your Destruction level improve your relationship with Nasty. Conversely, good deeds will damage your bond.
  2. Nasty favors decisions that benefit the Morkons and Outlaws, and dislikes actions that aid the Berserkers, Albs, and Clerics.
  3. She appreciates greed and courage and jokes during inappropriate situations, but cannot tolerate stupidity or cowardice.

Additional note: You may pursue a romance with Nasty, but this requires a high level of relationship with her. More information on this topic can be found on a separate page: Romances.


1. Who are the companions in Elex 2?

The companions in Elex 2 are a group of characters that the player can recruit to join them on their journey. Each companion has their own unique backstory, personality, and skills. Some companions are more combat-focused, while others specialize in crafting or stealth. Players can have up to two companions at a time and can switch them out as needed.

2. How do I recruit companions in Elex 2?

To recruit companions in Elex 2, players must first complete certain quests or meet certain requirements. Some companions may require the player to have a certain level of faction reputation or to have completed specific story missions. Once the requirements are met, players can approach the companion and initiate a dialogue to recruit them.

3. Can companions die in Elex 2?

Yes, companions can die in Elex 2. If a companion’s health reaches zero during combat, they will fall unconscious. If the player does not revive them in time, they will die permanently. However, if the player has the necessary skill or item, they can revive the companion during combat.

4. What benefits do companions provide in Elex 2?

Companions in Elex 2 provide a variety of benefits to the player. They can help in combat by providing additional firepower or distracting enemies. Some companions can also provide passive bonuses, such as increased crafting speed or reduced detection. Additionally, companions can provide unique dialogue options and insights into the game’s lore.

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