Elex 2: Companions – Nyra

This section of the Elex 2 game guide provides details about Nyra, a companion in the game. It explains how to recruit Nyra and how to establish a positive relationship with her.

On this page of the Elex 2 guide, you can learn about Nyra, one of the available companions. The guide includes information about her location, how to recruit her, her abilities in combat, and how to improve your relationship with her.

  • Nyra – Location and Recruitment
  • Fighting with Nyra
  • Establishing a Relationship with Nyra

Nyra – Location and Recruitment

Nyra is an Albs technician in charge of the storage facility at the Depot, the Albs’ headquarters. To find her, you need to visit the storage room in the eastern part of the Albs’ city, which is marked on the image above.

Once you enter the storage room, you will meet Nyra for the first time, but you won’t need to fight her.

During the conversation, Jax will remember meeting Nyra in the Domed City in Elex 1. He will inform her about his plans to create a new coalition in the Bastion. Nyra wants to gain access to the Outlaws’ strategic plans, and if you agree to help her, you will be transported automatically to an area near the Depot where the Outlaws are located.

You can choose to fight them or sneak in, take the plans pictured above, and leave. Alternatively, you can eliminate the Outlaws entirely.

After completing the objective, you can return to Nyra. She will become your companion, and you can travel alongside her.

Fighting with Nyra

Despite being a technician, Nyra is a capable fighter who can engage in melee combat and shoot her Albs blaster at range.

Establishing a Relationship with Nyra

  1. Nyra favors decisions that benefit the Albs. She may disapprove of you aiding other factions, such as the Berserkers, Outlaws, Morkons, and Clerics.
  2. She appreciates cunning and greed in minor decisions but dislikes foolish characters who make inappropriate jokes.

Note: It is possible to romance Nyra, but it requires a close relationship with her. More information is available on the separate page titled “Romances.”


What is Nyra and what role does she play in Elex 2?

Nyra is a character in Elex 2 who serves as a companion to the player. She is a member of the Clerics, one of the four factions in the game, and is an expert in technology and engineering. Nyra’s role in the game is to provide the player with support and assistance during their journey through the post-apocalyptic world of Magalan. She can help the player with tasks such as hacking security systems and repairing equipment, and her knowledge of technology can be invaluable in combat situations.

How do you recruit Nyra as a companion in Elex 2?

To recruit Nyra as a companion in Elex 2, the player must first join the Clerics faction. Once they have done so, they can begin completing quests and building their reputation within the faction. As the player gains favor with the Clerics, they will eventually be given the opportunity to recruit Nyra as a companion. Once she has been recruited, the player can take her along on their adventures and benefit from her unique skills and abilities.

What are Nyra’s strengths and weaknesses as a companion in Elex 2?

Nyra’s strengths as a companion in Elex 2 include her expertise in technology and engineering, which can be useful in a variety of situations. She is also a skilled fighter and can hold her own in combat. However, Nyra’s reliance on technology can also be a weakness, as she is vulnerable to attacks that disrupt or disable her equipment. Additionally, her loyalty to the Clerics faction can sometimes conflict with the player’s goals, and the player may need to make difficult decisions about where their loyalties lie.

How does Nyra’s story arc progress in Elex 2?

Nyra’s story arc in Elex 2 is closely tied to the Clerics faction, and her loyalty to the faction is a central theme throughout the game. As the player progresses through the game and carries out quests for the Clerics, they will learn more about Nyra’s backstory and her motivations for joining the faction. Over time, the player may also uncover secrets about the Clerics that challenge Nyra’s beliefs and force her to question her loyalty to the faction. Ultimately, the player’s actions and decisions will determine the outcome of Nyra’s story arc and her relationship with the player.

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