Elex 2: Guide for Recruiting for Heinrich (Carakis) Mission

This page provides a walkthrough of the Recruiting for Heinrich mission in Elex 2. The guide includes tips for recruiting Crane, Erin, and Dixxon.

This page of the Elex 2 guide contains a walkthrough of the Recruiting for Heinrich quest. You will receive it from Heinrich, who resides in the Castle – the Clerics’ headquarters. The task is to recruit new members for the Clerics faction.

Completing this mission may affect your ability to fully complete the Bounty Hunting quest that you receive in the Crater. During both missions, you will meet three characters – Dixxon, Erin, and Crane. In the Bounty Hunting quest, your goal is to kill them. In the Recruiting for Heinrich quest, you have to convince them to join the Clerics.

  • Notice board in the Crater
  • Recruiting Dixxon
  • Recruiting Crane
  • Recruiting Erin

Notice board in the Crater

The names of characters willing to join the Clerics faction can be found on the notice board in the Crater (the Outlaws’ headquarters). Initially, there will be orders to kill Dixxon. Later, you will also find orders for Erin and Crane. Your task is to find and convince these three characters.

Recruiting Dixxon

Dixxon is in the Grotto (the Morkons’ headquarters). When you speak to him, he will inform you that he will not leave the Grotto until he takes part in fights organized by Gosta. Go to Gosta, who can be found in the Basement in the Grotto, and ask for rumors to start the Gosta’s Contest quest. Your objective is to fight different characters, with Dixxon being your first opponent. After the fight, Dixxon will tell you that he will make a decision the next day. When enough time has passed, speak to him again, and he will join the Clerics.

Recruiting Crane

The next person to recruit is Crane from the Crater. Crane will agree to join the Clerics if you complete the Food for Crane quest. The task is to obtain several types of food – the guide for this can be found on a separate page. After completing the mission, bring up the Clerics topic, and Crane will go to the Castle.

Recruiting Erin

Recruiting Erin in Elex 2 is the most challenging part of the Recruiting for Heinrich quest. Her location will be marked on the map – go there.

It turns out that Erin has been captured by bounty hunters. You have to defeat three strong opponents. Remember to use dodge or block and bring a companion with you.

It is not enough to defeat the bounty hunters – you also have to convince Erin. To do this, you need at least 40 Intelligence points or pay 500 Elexit crystals. After convincing all the people, go back to Heinrich in the Castle and tell him about the volunteers.


What is Elex 2?

Elex 2 is a role-playing video game developed by Piranha Bytes and published by THQ Nordic. It is a sequel to the original Elex game and is set in a post-apocalyptic world where players can explore a vast open world filled with different factions and creatures. The game features a variety of gameplay mechanics, including combat, crafting, and character development. Players can choose which factions to ally with and which quests to complete, which will ultimately affect the game’s ending.

Who is Heinrich (Carakis) in Elex 2?

Heinrich, also known as Carakis, is a recruitable companion in Elex 2. He is a member of the Clerics faction and is known for his expertise in technology and machinery. Players can recruit him by completing a series of quests for the Clerics and gaining enough reputation with the faction. Heinrich comes with his own set of unique skills and abilities, which can be upgraded through the game’s leveling system. He is a valuable asset to have in combat, especially against mechanical enemies.

What is a walkthrough for recruiting Heinrich (Carakis) in Elex 2?

A walkthrough for recruiting Heinrich in Elex 2 involves completing a series of quests for the Clerics faction and gaining enough reputation with them. The first step is to join the Clerics and complete their initiation quest. This will give players access to the faction’s missions and reputation system. Next, players must complete several quests for the Clerics, including “The Power of the Dome” and “The Seedling”. These quests will increase the player’s reputation with the faction and unlock new missions and rewards. Finally, players must complete the quest “The Lost Cleric” and choose to recruit Heinrich as a companion. This will require a high reputation with the Clerics and the completion of several other quests. Once recruited, Heinrich will be available as a companion and can be upgraded through the game’s leveling system.

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