Elex 2: List of Side Quests

This guide page provides a complete list of side quests in Elex 2. The quests are categorized into Grotto, Crater, Fort, Castle, and Depository.

  • Grotto Quests by Carakis
  • Castle Quests by Carakis
  • Fort Quests by Tavar
  • Crater Quests by Ateris
  • Depository Quests by Ignadon
  • Other Side Quests

This page of the Elex 2 guide contains a list of all side quests in the game. The division into missions available in the Grotto, Crater, Fort, Castle and Depot will help you in completing all tasks.

Grotto Quests by Carakis

  1. Morkon Values
  2. Cleaning up in the Grotto
  3. No More Rat Meat
  4. Zarina’s Judgment
  5. Tengis’ Judgment
  6. Dixxon’s Mailman
  7. Gosta’s Contest
  8. A Poacher’s Stolen Goods
  9. Servo Motors for Ivika
  10. Attila’s Tests of the Outside World

Castle Quests by Carakis

  1. Missing Cleric Trader
  2. Test Prototype ZX-01
  3. Words of Faith
  4. Recruiting for Heinrich
  5. Kill the reavers near the Castle

Fort Quests by Tavar

  1. Admission to the Fort
  2. A Dangerous Road
  3. Plague of Rats
  4. The Berserker’s Trust
  5. Thorhild’s Cultivators
  6. Tilas’s Apprentice
  7. Gas in the Mine
  8. Miners for Scrappy
  9. An Unwelcome Morkon
  10. Escort Ivan to the Grotto
  11. Eliminate the Troll
  12. Bartering with Hank
  13. Rat’s Paranoia
  14. The Weapon of an Artist
  15. A Thief for Halvar

Crater Quests by Ateris

  1. A Little Thief
  2. The Nursery
  3. Food for Crane
  4. Protection Money Problems
  5. Escort Skibor to the Depot
  6. Bounty Hunting
  7. Glory to the Rabble

Depository Quests by Ignadon

  1. Cora’s Expedition Ban
  2. Tracking with the Albs
  3. An Alb Agent

Other Side Quests

  1. Billy Idol Concert
  2. Broken Trap
  3. A Well-guarded Secret


1. What are side quests in Elex 2?

Side quests in Elex 2 are optional missions that players can complete to gain experience points, items, and other rewards. These quests are not part of the main storyline, but they offer additional content and depth to the game’s world. They usually involve tasks such as delivering items, killing enemies, or solving puzzles. Side quests can be found by talking to NPCs, exploring the game’s world, or by discovering hidden locations.

2. How many side quests are in Elex 2?

The exact number of side quests in Elex 2 is not known, but the game is known for having a large number of them. It is estimated that there are over 50 side quests in the game, each with its unique storyline and objectives. The quests vary in difficulty, and some may require the player to have specific skills or equipment to complete. Players can track their progress on side quests through the game’s quest log.

3. Are side quests worth doing in Elex 2?

Yes, side quests are worth doing in Elex 2. They offer additional content and rewards that can help the player progress through the game. Completing side quests can also help the player gain experience points and level up their character, making them stronger and better equipped to face the game’s challenges. Additionally, side quests often provide more opportunities to explore the game’s world and discover hidden secrets.

4. Can side quests be missed in Elex 2?

Yes, side quests can be missed in Elex 2. Some side quests are time-sensitive and may only be available during certain points in the game’s story. Other side quests may only become available after completing certain main story quests or by meeting certain requirements. If a side quest is missed, it may not be possible to complete it later in the game.

5. What are the benefits of completing all side quests in Elex 2?

Completing all side quests in Elex 2 can provide several benefits. It can help the player gain more experience points and level up their character faster, making them stronger and more capable of facing the game’s challenges. It can also provide the player with unique and rare items that are not available elsewhere in the game. Additionally, completing all side quests can provide a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, as the player has fully explored and experienced all that the game has to offer.

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