Elex 2: Menial Labor (Bully) – step-by-step instructions

This page of the Elex 2 guide provides step-by-step instructions for completing the Menial Labor mission given by Bully.

Here, you will find a detailed guide on how to complete the Menial Labor quest that is given by Bully once you complete 4Dodgy Dealings. The objective of the mission is to meet Bully’s old friends – the Desert Devils.

  • How to unlock more of Bully’s missions?
  • The quest’s objectives – what are Bully’s missions about?
  • No More Fun and Games

How to unlock more of Bully’s missions?

Like most companion quests, Bully’s mission has several smaller phases. After around two days, Bully will inform you of the next location. You will then be transported to the character you’re searching for.

The quest’s objectives – what are Bully’s missions about?

The Menial Labor quest involves three meetings:

  1. Meet Mirko, your first target. The conversation will be smooth, but watch out for mines in the area.
  2. Find Bender in the destroyed subway. This meeting will also end peacefully.
  3. Attend a meeting with Ted, Mirko, and Bender. After a short conversation, they will attack you and you will have to defeat all three.

After the third meeting, the Menial Labor quest will be completed. Bully’s final mission, No More Fun and Games, awaits you.

No More Fun and Games

Go to the Crater and talk to Baxter. Listen to the conversation between Baxter and Bully, then defeat the guard. Baxter won’t participate in the fight. After the battle, another conversation will start, and the mission will be completed.


1. What is Elex 2: Menial Labor (Bully)?

Elex 2: Menial Labor (Bully) is an action role-playing video game developed by Piranha Bytes and published by THQ Nordic. It is the sequel to Elex, which was released in 2017. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where players take on the role of a character who must navigate through a dangerous and unforgiving landscape.

2. What is the objective of the game?

The objective of Elex 2: Menial Labor (Bully) is to complete various missions and quests in order to progress through the game. Players must also navigate through a complex skill system that allows them to customize their character’s abilities and attributes. The game also features a reputation system, which can affect how NPCs interact with the player.

3. What are some tips for playing Elex 2: Menial Labor (Bully)?

One tip for playing Elex 2: Menial Labor (Bully) is to focus on leveling up your character’s skills early on in the game. This will allow you to take on tougher enemies and complete more difficult quests. Another tip is to explore the game world thoroughly, as there are many hidden items and secrets to discover. Finally, it is important to pay attention to your character’s energy level, as running out of energy can leave you vulnerable to attack.

4. What weapons and equipment are available in the game?

Elex 2: Menial Labor (Bully) features a wide variety of weapons and equipment that players can use to customize their character’s playstyle. These include melee weapons, ranged weapons, and magic spells. The game also features a crafting system that allows players to create their own weapons and equipment.

5. Is there a multiplayer mode in Elex 2: Menial Labor (Bully)?

No, Elex 2: Menial Labor (Bully) is a single-player game and does not feature a multiplayer mode.

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