Elex 2: Missing Cleric Trader (Carakis) – walkthrough

This page of the Elex 2 guide will help you discover where to find weapons in the quest Missing Cleric Trader.

In the Missing Cleric Trader quest, which you obtain from Vivian at the Clerics’ headquarters in the Castle, you will need to locate the merchant’s weapon and the caravan guards. Our tips will guide you through the process.

  • Finding the caravan
  • Lost weapon

Finding the caravan

You will see the approximate location of the caravan on the map. Once you arrive, you will find three people running from monsters. Assist them and speak with the merchant. Your next objective is to locate three packs of weapons.

Lost weapon

One of the packs of weapons is located behind the caravan’s resting spot among the bushes.

Take the path downwards and you will soon come across another pack of weapons.

Continue on the path and take a right turn after a while. You will find another package on the rocks. Once you have all the weapons, give them to the merchant and return to Vivian to complete the mission.


1. What is Elex 2: Missing Cleric Trader (Carakis)?

Elex 2: Missing Cleric Trader (Carakis) is a quest in the open-world action role-playing game Elex 2. The quest requires you to find a missing trader named Carakis, who is a cleric. The quest is part of the main storyline and takes place in the region of Tavar.

2. Where can I find Carakis in Elex 2: Missing Cleric Trader?

Carakis can be found in the region of Tavar, near the Fort. You can find him by following the objective markers on your map. When you reach the Fort, you will need to sneak past the guards and find Carakis in a hidden room. He will give you a key that you can use to unlock a nearby chest.

3. What should I do if I cannot find Carakis in Elex 2: Missing Cleric Trader?

If you cannot find Carakis in Elex 2: Missing Cleric Trader, you may need to revisit the region of Tavar and explore more thoroughly. You can also try asking other characters in the game for information about Carakis. If you are still having trouble, you may want to consult an online walkthrough or strategy guide for more detailed instructions on how to complete the quest.

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