Elex 2: Strong Alliances – walkthrough

This Elex 2 tutorial page will guide you through the Strong Alliances quest that you get from Adam at the beginning of the game. Our walkthrough will help you complete the two tasks: Tough Negotiations and A Common Path.

This Elex 2 guide page includes a walkthrough of the Strong Alliances quest, which comprises of two tasks: Tough Negotiations and A Common Path. You will receive this quest from Adam at the beginning of the game. Your objective is to find out how the most crucial factions in Magalan are performing and join one of them.

  • Tough Negotiations
  • A Common Path

Tough Negotiations

In the Tough Negotiations quest, you need to visit the headquarters of the factions in Elex 2 and speak to their leaders. Speak to Azok and Ekrom in the Depository located in the snowy northern part of the map – they are the most essential characters of the Albs faction.

In the Crater, the Outlaws’ headquarters, talk to Baxter. The location is in the upper right corner of the map.

You should also visit the Clerics’ headquarters, which is the Castle located near the Bastion. Speak to Hagen and Reinhold there.

In the eastern world of Elex 2, in the Grotto (Morkon’s location), meet with Khan and Victor.

At the Berserkers’ headquarters, the Fort, go to Rat.

You do not have to visit all the places mentioned above. To complete the quest, you need to go to one location, speak to the faction leader, and return to Adam. However, you will receive less experience – each factional information gives you 200 points.

A Common Path

A Common Path quest requires you to join one of the factions. At this stage of the game, you can join Albs, Morkons, or Berserkers. We suggest visiting the following pages of our Elex 2 guide:

  1. Morkon Values – this quest allows you to join the Morkons.
  2. The Berserker’s Trust – this quest allows you to join the Berserkers.
  3. An Alb Agent – this quest allows you to join the Albs.
  4. Factions – description of all factions in Elex 2.

Joining any of the factions will automatically end the quest, but you should also inform Adam about your decision by going to the Bastion.


1. What is Elex 2: Strong Alliances?

Elex 2: Strong Alliances is a role-playing video game developed by Piranha Bytes and published by THQ Nordic. It is the sequel to Elex, which was released in 2017. In Elex 2, players take on the role of Jax, the former commander of the Albs, who is now leading a rebellion against his former faction. The game features an open world, where players can explore various locations, interact with non-playable characters, and complete quests.

2. What are the different factions in Elex 2: Strong Alliances?

There are four factions in Elex 2: Strong Alliances. The Albs, the Berserkers, the Clerics, and the Outlaws. Each faction has its own philosophy, beliefs, and goals. The Albs are a group of soldiers who believe in the power of Elex, a powerful substance that enhances their abilities. The Berserkers, on the other hand, are a nature-loving tribe that relies on magic and ancient technology. The Clerics are a religious order that believes in the power of technology and science, while the Outlaws are a group of rebels who live outside the law and value freedom over everything else.

3. How do I build alliances in Elex 2: Strong Alliances?

Building alliances in Elex 2: Strong Alliances is a crucial aspect of the game. To build alliances, players need to complete quests for the different factions, gain their trust, and increase their reputation. As players progress through the game, they will encounter various characters who can help them build alliances. It is important to note that building alliances with one faction may harm the relationship with another faction, so players need to be strategic in their choices.

4. What are the combat mechanics in Elex 2: Strong Alliances?

Elex 2: Strong Alliances features a real-time combat system that allows players to use a variety of weapons, spells, and abilities. Players can choose between melee weapons, ranged weapons, and magic spells, and can switch between them during combat. The game also features a dodging and blocking system, which allows players to avoid enemy attacks and counterattack. It is important to note that each faction has its own combat style and abilities, so players need to choose the faction that suits their playstyle.

5. What is the endgame in Elex 2: Strong Alliances?

The endgame in Elex 2: Strong Alliances depends on the choices players make throughout the game. Players can either side with one faction and help them achieve their goals, or they can unite all factions and form a new world order. The game features multiple endings, depending on the player’s choices, which adds to the replayability of the game. In addition, the game features various side quests and activities that players can complete after finishing the main story.

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