Elex 2: Tengis’ Judgment (Carakis) – walkthrough

This page contains the walkthrough for the mission Tengis’ Judgment in Elex 2, which is closely connected with the quest Morkon Values. During this mission, you will also complete the quests Unwanted Morkon and Escort Ivan to the Grotto.

To complete the Tengis’ Judgment mission, you must find a Morkon named Ivan, who is received from Tengis during the Morkon Values quest. You will also need to complete two quests starting in the Berserkers’ headquarters, i.e. the Fort – An Unwelcome Morkon and Escort Ivan to the Grotto.

  • Talk to Marika and find clues
  • Unwanted Morkon and Escort Ivan to the Grotto quests
  • Choice: help Ivan
  • Choice: betray Ivan
  • Choice: stay out of it

Talk to Marika and find clues

Begin by speaking with Ivan’s wife, Marika, who is located near the shopping district in the Grotto. You can also ask Tengis for a hint, and her location will be marked on the map. During your conversation with Marika, you must either pay her with 200 Elexit crystals or convince her (requiring an Intelligence level of 20) to give you the keys to Ivan’s chest. Alternatively, you can break into the chest yourself.

The chest mentioned above is in the room next to Ivika, where you will find a hint that Ivan is in the Fort – the Berserkers’ headquarters. Proceed there to continue the mission.

Unwanted Morkon and Escort Ivan to the Grotto quests

Upon meeting Ivan, he will inform you that he needs help. To assist him, you must first complete the Unwanted Morkon mission, followed by Escort Ivan to the Grotto – both of which are detailed on separate pages of this guide. This is the only way to complete the Tengis’ Judgment quest. Once both missions are finished, return to Tengis, and decide Ivan’s fate.

Additional choices will be available if you confirm Ivan’s version of events to the poachers during the Escort Ivan to the Grotto quest – otherwise, speaking to Tengis will complete Tengis’ Judgment.

Choice: help Ivan

If you choose to help Ivan, you must lie to Tengis that Ivan has followed all his orders and will receive 700 Elexit Crystals. Go to Ivan (located where Marika is) and inform him that Tengis wants to torture him – return to Tengis and say that Ivan has escaped from the Grotto.

Thereafter, Ivan will be a merchant in the Fort.

Choice: betray Ivan

If you don’t want to help Ivan, you can turn him over to Tengis now and receive 1000 Elexit Crystals, but Ivan will die.

Option: Avoiding Involvement

If you choose to stay out of it, you will receive 500 Elexit crystals, but it will not be a profitable decision. You can still inform Ivan about Tengis’s plans to escape from the Grotto despite not getting involved.


What is Elex 2: Tengis’ Judgment (Carakis)?

Elex 2: Tengis’ Judgment (Carakis) is the sequel to the popular role-playing game Elex. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where players take on the role of Jax, a former member of the Albs faction. The game follows Jax as he tries to navigate the dangerous world of Magalan, build alliances with different factions, and uncover the truth about his past.

What are some tips for playing Elex 2: Tengis’ Judgment (Carakis)?

Here are some tips for playing Elex 2: Tengis’ Judgment (Carakis):

  • Take the time to explore the game world – there are many hidden secrets and treasures to be found.
  • Join a faction early on – factions offer unique quests and perks.
  • Pay attention to your character’s attributes – they can have a big impact on your gameplay.
  • Be strategic in combat – use cover and take advantage of your enemy’s weaknesses.
  • Craft and upgrade equipment to give yourself an edge in battle.

What are some of the new features in Elex 2: Tengis’ Judgment (Carakis)?

Elex 2: Tengis’ Judgment (Carakis) introduces several new features to the Elex franchise, including:

  • A new faction system that allows players to build alliances and gain unique bonuses.
  • Improved graphics and animations.
  • A revamped combat system that emphasizes strategy and tactics.
  • New crafting and upgrade systems that allow players to create powerful weapons and armor.
  • A larger game world with new areas to explore.

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