Elex 2: The 6th Power – walkthrough

On this page of the Elex 2 guide, you will discover the step-by-step guide for the comprehensive mission named The 6th Power. This quest involves completing the missions Common Pursuit and Hard Negotiations.

The 6th Power quest is given to you at the start of Elex 2, during a conversation with Adam in the Nothing to Lose quest. The main objective of this quest is to find allies to fight the new danger. To accomplish this, you must complete several other missions, including Preparing the Bastion, Strong Alliances, Enemy Scouts, and Trusted Companions.

  • Preparing the Bastion
  • Strong Alliances
  • Enemy Scouts
  • Trusted Companions
  • Completing the quest

Preparing the Bastion

In the Strong Alliances quest, you must eliminate the monsters near the Bastion and find individuals for the 6th Power teams, including a builder. A complete guide for this quest can be found on a separate page of our guide.

Strong Alliances

During the Strong Alliances quest, you need to speak with the representatives of all the factions in Elex 2. This includes Baxter in the Crater, Hagen and Reinhold in the Castle, Rat in the Fort, Khan and Victor in the Grotto, and Azok and Ekrom in the Depository. Additionally, you must choose which faction to join. At this point in the game, you can join the Morkons, Berserkers, or Albs. To join the Morkons, complete the Morkon Values quest, The Berserker’s Trust quest for the Berserkers, and An Alb Agent quest for the Albs. Our guide offers a detailed guide for each of these quests.

Enemy Scouts

After completing the Preparing the Bastion quest, your next objective is to defeat the 5 Agitators surrounding the Bastion. Our Elex 2 guide provides additional information on the Enemy Scouts page.

Trusted Companions

At the end of the quest, you will reunite with your previous companion, the CRONY U4 drone. You will encounter it during the Trusted Companions mission, which is described on a separate page of the guide.

Completing the quest

After completing all the missions mentioned above, return to Adam and inform him of your progress. A cut-scene will play, and the main storyline of Elex 2 will proceed to act 2.


1. What is Elex 2: The 6th Power?

Elex 2: The 6th Power is a role-playing video game developed by Piranha Bytes and published by THQ Nordic. It is the sequel to Elex, which was released in 2017. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where players can join different factions and explore a vast open world. The game features a complex moral choice system, where players’ decisions will affect the game’s story and ending.

2. How do I start playing Elex 2: The 6th Power?

You can start playing Elex 2: The 6th Power by purchasing the game on your preferred platform, such as PC, PlayStation, or Xbox. Once you have the game installed, you can create your character and start exploring the game’s open world. The game features a tutorial section that will introduce players to the game’s mechanics and controls.

3. What are the different factions in Elex 2: The 6th Power?

Elex 2: The 6th Power features five different factions that players can join, each with their own motivations and beliefs. The factions are the Berserkers, who believe in the power of nature; the Clerics, who worship technology and believe in the power of science; the Outlaws, who value freedom and individualism; the Albs, who use a substance called Elex to enhance their abilities; and the Free People, who are a group of independent survivors.

4. How does the moral choice system work in Elex 2: The 6th Power?

The moral choice system in Elex 2: The 6th Power is based on the player’s actions and decisions throughout the game. The game features a reputation system, where players will gain or lose reputation with different factions and characters based on their actions. The player’s choices will also affect the game’s story and ending, as well as the relationships between different factions and characters.

5. Are there any cheat codes or mods available for Elex 2: The 6th Power?

There are currently no cheat codes or official mods available for Elex 2: The 6th Power. However, players can use third-party mods to enhance the game’s graphics, gameplay, and mechanics. It is important to note that using mods can sometimes cause issues or bugs in the game, so it is recommended to use them at your own risk and to always back up your game files before installing mods.

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