Elex: Disappeared without a Trace – Walkthrough

This is a side quest that becomes available after Stormson is found guilty by the Berserkers and arrested for allegedly working with the hostile Clerics. Your task is to locate him.

To unlock this quest, talk to Akira in Goliet.

You’ll come across dead Berserkers on the mountain path

While staying in Goliet, you may witness an argument between Akira and her friend, Stormson. During one of your visits to the village, Akira will ask for your help in finding Stormson, who vanished under mysterious circumstances. Speak to Angrim about this, and he’ll inform you about Stormson’s punishment.

Head far north to the location Angrim specified. Upon arrival, you’ll discover dead Berserkers – inspect one of the bodies to conclude that they were killed by the Clerics (250XP). Return to Angrim with the news, and he’ll ask you to kill Stormson (which you can refuse, making Angrim angry). You can also inform Akira.

Choose whether to attack or spare Stormson

Stormson is located in The Hort, which is the Clerics’ headquarters situated in the eastern part of the map. He is busy mining resources. You can approach this in two ways:

  1. Attack Stormson. Do this only when Wolf isn’t present in the mine (you can wait for him to leave) so that you don’t have to face them both. When you kill Stormson (300XP), you can return to Goliet and receive 500 Elexit from Angrim. You can also inform Akira about Stormson’s death.
  2. Spare Stormson’s life (500XP). He’ll ask you to inform Akira – you can do it for free or ask for 80 Elexit. Return to Goliet and tell Angrim that Stormson has joined the Clerics. The request to kill Stormson is withdrawn, and Angrim is angry with the main protagonist.


What is Elex: Disappeared without a Trace?

Elex: Disappeared without a Trace is a video game that falls into the action role-playing game genre. The game’s story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where a substance called Elex has been discovered. The game’s protagonist, Jax, is a former member of the Albs faction who has left the faction and is now looking for a way to restore his humanity. The game features a variety of different factions, each with its own unique style and ideology. The game’s gameplay consists of exploration, combat, and dialogue choices that can impact the game’s story and ending.

What is the walkthrough for Elex: Disappeared without a Trace?

A walkthrough for Elex: Disappeared without a Trace is a guide that provides players with a step-by-step guide on how to progress through the game’s story. The walkthrough typically includes details on how to complete quests, where to find important items, and how to defeat challenging enemies. The walkthrough can be helpful for players who are stuck on a particular section of the game or who want to ensure they are making progress in the most efficient way possible. It’s important to note that following a walkthrough can impact the player’s experience of the game, as it may remove some of the challenge and discovery that comes with exploring the game on their own.

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