Elex: Fighting

Fighting is a crucial aspect of the game and you will engage in battles frequently. Due to the unique universe, Elex provides a wide range of fighting options – you can choose from swords, bows, spells, grenades, regular guns or those that shoot plasma. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can opt to use only one type of weapon or mix a few of them for a more effective attack.

  • Some general tips
  • Close combat
  • Ranged combat
  • Magic
  • Resistance

Some general tips

  1. Enemies can attack each other too. You can use this to your advantage by luring a bandit to a group of monsters. If you’re lucky, the enemies can kill each other, and you’d only have to deal with the survivors. You can also lure enemies to friendly NPCs, like guards, who can help you fight. However, you won’t earn experience points this way.
  2. You can find barrels with oil in some places. Hitting them causes an explosion that deals significant damage. You can use this to weaken your enemies or even kill them. Just remember to stay at a safe distance and use a bow or another ranged weapon to hit the barrels.
  3. If you come across monsters with a skull next to their name, that means they are too powerful for you to defeat at your current level. Avoid them and move away as fast as you can.

Close combat

Using melee weapons is the most basic way of attacking enemies. You’ll learn this right after starting the game. This style is quite demanding, and there are two important things to remember during fights.

The bar marked in the picture is useful during attack sequences. A combo is more effective than single attacks. You start with an empty bar, and each attack fills it a little bit. To perform a sequence, you must hit before the bar starts depleting. When you fill half of the bar, you can perform a special attack that deals more damage. Parrying and dodging attacks can help you reduce damage.

Managing your stamina is crucial. You can see it next to your health bar. Each attack depletes it, and when it’s empty, you won’t be able to attack. Keep an eye on it and move away from enemies when it’s close to depletion. When it’s back, you can attack again. Stamina ability increases your stamina level permanently, so if you plan to engage in close combat frequently, you should get it.

Other useful abilities for close combat:

  1. Melee Weapons and Attack Strength – enhances your close-combat damage.
  2. Parry Strength – diminishes the impact of being pushed back while parrying.
  3. Heavy Punch – amplifies the damage of your special attacks.
  4. Jet Pack Attack – enables you to execute attacks while using a jet pack.
  5. Aspect of the Warrior Spell (only for the Berserkers faction) – unlocks a spell that temporarily boosts your close-combat damage.

Ranged combat

Ranged combat provides a safe distance to eliminate foes, even from rooftops or on top of rocks. Elex offers a choice of bows, crossbows, regular firearms, plasma weapons, and grenades. Keep in mind that each weapon requires a specific type of ammo like arrows, bolts, bullets, or plasma cells.

Useful abilities for ranged combat:

  1. Ranged Weapons and Heavy Weapons – increases the damage of ranged weapons (Ranged Weapons is for bows, crossbows, regular firearms, and plasma weapons, while Heavy Weapons is for rocket launchers, for instance).
  2. Grenades – increases grenade damage.
  3. One with the Weapon Ability (only for the Clerics faction) – unlocks an ability that temporarily increases your ranged damage.
  4. Seeker Shot (only for the Berserkers faction) – you can shoot a homing arrow from your bow.


In Elex, the term magic exists only in the Berserkers faction, but Clerics have PSI abilities that work similarly to spells. Spells can only be used when you join a faction. The Outlaws also have some “support” for combat. They produce stimulants that have similar effects to spells.

Berserkers can summon ghosts, enhance weapons, or poison their enemies. Clerics create protective shields, teleport at a short distance, or hit enemies with force waves. Outlaws use special stimulants that increase their damage, resistance, or speed up their health regeneration. Upon joining one of the factions, you gain access to unique spells or abilities.


Aside from usual damage, your character can also be exposed to four effects – radiation, fire, cold, and poison. All effects deplete your health bar faster and impede your regeneration. You can use the following abilities to help yourself: Radiation Resistance, Fire Resistance, Frost Resistance, and Poison Resistance. Each one increases your resistance to that specific effect.


1. What is Elex combat system?

Elex combat system is an action-packed, fast-paced system that combines both ranged and melee combat. The game allows players to use various weapons, including swords, guns, and magic spells, to defeat their enemies. Players can also dodge and block enemy attacks to avoid taking damage and counterattack with their own moves to deal critical damage.

2. How does the leveling system impact combat in Elex?

The leveling system plays a significant role in combat in Elex. As players level up, they gain access to new skills and abilities that can be used in combat. These abilities can be used to improve a character’s melee or ranged attacks, increase their damage output, or provide them with additional defensive options. Higher-level characters will have an easier time fighting tougher enemies in the game.

3. Can players choose their play style in Elex combat?

Yes, players can choose their play style in Elex combat. The game offers a wide variety of weapons and abilities that allow players to customize their character’s combat style. Players can choose to focus on melee combat, ranged combat, magic spells, or even a combination of all three. The game also allows players to switch between weapons and abilities on the fly, allowing them to adapt to different combat situations.

4. Is Elex combat difficult?

Yes, Elex combat can be challenging, especially at higher difficulty levels. The game’s combat system requires players to be quick on their feet and to think strategically when engaging in combat. Players will need to master the game’s dodging, blocking, and counterattacking mechanics to succeed in combat. However, the game’s leveling system allows players to improve their character’s combat abilities over time, making combat easier as they progress through the game.

5. Are there any tips for succeeding in Elex combat?

Yes, there are a few tips that can help players succeed in Elex combat. First, it’s important to learn the game’s dodging and blocking mechanics. Players should practice dodging and blocking enemy attacks to avoid taking damage and to set up counterattacks. Second, players should experiment with different weapons and abilities to find a play style that works for them. Third, players should use the game’s environment to their advantage. Players can use cover to avoid enemy fire or lure enemies into traps to gain the upper hand in combat.

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