Elex: For a Handful of Shards [Ray] – Walkthrough

This is one of Ray’s optional tasks, and he can join your team after completing it. The main goal is to locate and obtain the ten warrants that were issued for Ray, which will reduce the threat of bounty hunters.

To unlock the quest, speak to Ray in Sandy Pines.

Wyatt has the first warrant.

This task is unlocked at the same time as another one, The Crafty Crook, during the initial meeting with Ray in Sandy Pines. You can offer to assist in locating the ten contracts.

You cannot miss the first letter. After reaching The Fort (the base of the Outlaws) with Ray, you will go to Wyatt by default (200XP). The conversation will be linear, but your choices may influence your relations with Ray. Take the first Contract for Ray from Wyatt (400XP).

You can find the remaining contracts in any order you want. Ask Ray about who could own them to get some clues on where to look for the remaining nine.

You can either lure Leo out and kill only him, or wipe everyone in the camp from the face of Earth.

Leo is one of the bounty hunters. You can learn about him by talking to Ray about the contracts at any point in the game. Ray knows where Leo is hiding, and you can go there directly (make sure the protagonist can handle the enemy!). After reaching the Old Windfarm (south-west from The Fort), enter the bandit camp to start the fight. Leo himself isn’t a very formidable opponent, but he’s accompanied by a group of stronger Reavers (watch out for the one with a grenade launcher). After the fight (you can get as much as 550XP), loot Leo’s corpse and take the Contract for Ray (400XP).

Masona is at the Great Lift in Edan.

Another bounty hunter is a berserker named Mason, who is staying near the Great Lift west of Goliet village (you visit the same place during the A Berserker Warrior quest you do for Duras). You don’t have to fight Mason. You can obtain the Contract for Ray from Mason by intimidating or bribing him for 200 Elexit (200XP).

Bomby is near the bridge to Domed City.

During one of your visits to Domed City, you can come across Bomby, who stands next to the bridge that leads to the city (near a teleport). You learn that he has one of the contracts and can sell it to you. You can act in two ways: attack and kill Bomby (100XP) or buy it for 1000 Elexit. In both cases, you get Contract for Ray (400XP).

Confront Jackson and his gang

While speaking with Ray, he reveals that his former employer, Jackson, may possess one of the contracts. Ray provides you with the location of a bandit camp situated in Abessa, located south of the Converter in South Abessa. Accompanied by your ally, proceed to the camp, but ensure that you are adequately prepared for the ensuing battle. Upon arrival, engage in a brief conversation before initiating a fight with Jackson and his gang. It is recommended that you single out each enemy and eliminate them individually, as each takedown rewards you with 100XP. Pay close attention to Jackson, as he is the most formidable adversary. When the conflict resolves, be sure to search Jackson’s corpse, which will yield 608 Elexit and the Contract for Ray, rewarding you with 400XP.


1. What is Elex: For a Handful of Shards [Ray]?

Elex: For a Handful of Shards [Ray] is an action role-playing game that was developed by Piranha Bytes and published by THQ Nordic. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where players take on the role of a former commander who has been left for dead. The commander must navigate through the world and build alliances with various factions to survive.

2. What is the objective of the game?

The objective of the game is to collect Elex shards which are a powerful resource that can be used to enhance the player’s abilities. The shards are scattered throughout the game world and can be obtained by completing quests, defeating enemies, or trading with merchants. The player must also build relationships with various factions in order to gain access to new areas and resources.

3. What are some tips for playing Elex: For a Handful of Shards [Ray]?

Some tips for playing Elex: For a Handful of Shards [Ray] include focusing on building relationships with factions early on in the game, as this will provide the player with access to new resources and areas. It is also important to choose a combat style that suits the player’s playstyle, as the game offers a variety of different weapons and abilities. The player should also prioritize completing quests and exploring the game world to collect resources and gain experience points.

4. What are some common challenges players face when playing Elex: For a Handful of Shards [Ray]?

Some common challenges players face when playing Elex: For a Handful of Shards [Ray] include managing the player’s inventory, as resources can be scarce in the game world. The combat system can also be challenging, as players must learn to dodge and parry enemy attacks to avoid taking damage. Additionally, some players may find the game world to be overwhelming, as there are many different factions and areas to explore.

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