Elex: How to Enter The Hort in Ignadon – Walkthrough

One of the side quests in Elex is to enter The Hort in Ignadon. This quest unlocks when you reach The Hort, which is the main headquarter of the Clerics. To gain access to this place, you can follow a few different methods.

To unlock this quest, you need to speak with Xander, who stands near the entrance to The Hort.

Xander can be bribed.

When you speak to Xander, he informs you that not everyone can enter the Clerics headquarters. To enter, you can try the following:

  1. Get a Trade Permit – For more information about this option, continue reading below.
  2. Find suggestor Rainer, who roams the lands of Abessa, and speak with him about the Clerics recruitment process.
  3. Try to bribe Xander. He will return the 80 Elexit that you give him, but you need to do him a favor (200XP). Xander will ask you to identify the person who is guilty in a side quest called Subversive Elements (you don’t have to complete his request, but there will be consequences if you don’t listen to him).

All crates are near the tipped carriage.

You can acquire a Trade Permit from a trader called Levin. He can be found sitting on the ground near one of the Fighting Colossus machines near a teleporter and the bridge to The Hort. Levin will give you a mini-quest called Hunters and Collectors, during which you need to collect his lost goods.

Head west from Levin’s location. Unfortunately, the supply crates are guarded by powerful Ripper monsters. You must lure them out one by one from the attacked carriage. You can also try to lure these monsters near the Clerics city, but there is a risk that Levin may die during the fight. When you clear the area, you can collect 3 Supply Crates (100XP) and take them back to Levin. You will receive 400XP, and Levin can now start selling his merchandise. Additionally, you can choose your reward: Pass + 100XP, Laser Rifle + 6 Energy Cell, or 230 Elexit. If you select the pass, you can give it to Xander.

Regardless of your choice, you can now enter the city. You will also complete the quest and receive 200XP.


1. What is Elex: Enter the Hort in Ignadon?

Elex: Enter the Hort in Ignadon is an expansion pack for the action role-playing game Elex. The expansion adds new quests, enemies, weapons, and armor to the game. It takes place in the region of Ignadon, where players will explore new areas and face new challenges.

2. What is the objective of Elex: Enter the Hort in Ignadon?

The main objective of Elex: Enter the Hort in Ignadon is to complete the new quests and defeat the new enemies. The expansion adds several new storylines that will take players on a journey through the region of Ignadon. Players will need to use their combat skills and strategy to overcome the challenges they face and progress through the game.

3. What new features are included in Elex: Enter the Hort in Ignadon?

Elex: Enter the Hort in Ignadon adds several new features to the game, including new enemies, weapons, and armor. The expansion also adds new quests and storylines that take place in the region of Ignadon. Players will have the opportunity to explore new areas and face new challenges as they progress through the game.

4. Can I play Elex: Enter the Hort in Ignadon without playing the original game?

No, Elex: Enter the Hort in Ignadon is an expansion pack for the original Elex game. Players will need to have the original game installed on their system in order to play the expansion. However, players who have not completed the original game can still access the new content by starting a new game and selecting the expansion from the main menu.

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