Elex: How to Find Clues – Walkthrough

This is a side quest where you have to locate a group of Alb-separatists. There are two possible endings – either you kill them or help them survive.

How to start the quest: Speak to Hakon in Goliet.

Hakon is located in the eastern part of the village. You can discuss his hatred towards the Alb with him. He will ask you to find and eliminate the separatists (if you have 2 Combat points, you can negotiate a better price). The Albs are situated far west from the village, and there are three possible hideouts marked on your map (activate the quest to view them). Go to the northernmost location, which is the collapsed tunnel.

You can fulfill Hakon’s request and kill the separatists. Start by eliminating the regular troops, and then take out Nezol, their leader (700XP). Afterward, inform Hakon of your success, and you will receive 400XP, 125 Elexit, and a Sword (one-handed weapon).

Think before you act

If you don’t want to kill the Alb, speak to Nezol and promise him that you will help establish a friendly relationship between them and the Berserkers. Nezol might also offer you the quest Clearing the Forest, which requires you to eliminate the Albs who are hunting them.

Return to Hakon and discuss the separatists. Your dialogue choice is crucial:

  1. Reveal the separatists’ location to Hakon (400XP, 250 Elexit). Despite his assurances, the separatists will be dead the next time you visit. When you ask Hakon about it, you can choose to attack him, remain neutral, or praise him (200XP).
  2. Provide him with a false location (400XP, 250 Elexit). This is the best option that allows you to save the separatists and maintain a friendly relationship with Hakon. However, Hakon will eventually learn of your deception. If you encounter him later in the game, he will attack you after a brief discussion, forcing you to kill him (100XP).
  3. Refuse to give him any information (400XP). This will harm your relationship with him, and you won’t receive any Elexit, but the separatists will survive.


1. What is Elex: Searching for Clues?

Elex: Searching for Clues is a video game that was released in 2017. It is an action role-playing game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. The game was developed by Piranha Bytes and published by THQ Nordic. The game is set in a world where a meteorite has hit the Earth and caused a massive amount of destruction. The game follows the story of a character called Jax who is on a mission to find out what happened to his family. The game is open-world, which means that players can explore the world and complete missions at their own pace.

2. How do I complete the Searching for Clues mission?

The Searching for Clues mission is one of the many missions in Elex. To complete this mission, players must first find a keycard that will allow them to access a bunker. The bunker is located in the Abessa region of the game. Once players have the keycard, they must make their way to the bunker and enter it. Inside the bunker, players will find a computer that they must interact with to complete the mission. The computer will provide players with a code that they must use to access a door. Behind the door, players will find a man who will give them information about Jax’s missing family. Once players have this information, they will have completed the Searching for Clues mission.

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