Elex: How to Gather Resources

One of the options in Elex is to gather resources. You can obtain Elexit or crafting materials by mining various deposits such as iron.

To start mining, you will need a tool called Jackhammer which can be obtained from a location called The Pit in Goliet. (More information on how to reach The Pit can be found in the FAQ section.) Once you have the hammer, you can start searching for deposits scattered around the planet. Most of them can be found in caves, bases of mountains, or rocks. The mining ability is also helpful as it increases the amount of minerals acquired with each level.


1. What are the main resources in Elex?

In Elex, the main resources are elexit, food, and crafting materials. Elexit is the currency used in the game to purchase items and upgrade equipment. Food is necessary to keep the player character alive and healthy. Crafting materials are used to create weapons, armor, and other useful items.

2. How do I gather elexit?

Elexit can be gathered by defeating enemies, completing quests, and selling items. It can also be found in various locations throughout the game world, such as in abandoned buildings or hidden caches. Some enemies and quests offer larger amounts of elexit as a reward.

3. What is the best way to gather food?

The best way to gather food in Elex is by hunting animals and gathering plants. Animals can be found throughout the game world and can be killed for meat, while plants can be harvested for fruits and vegetables. Cooking stations can be found in various locations and can be used to cook food for better health and stat bonuses.

4. How do I obtain crafting materials?

Crafting materials can be obtained by looting enemies, chests, and other containers. They can also be purchased from merchants or obtained as quest rewards. Some crafting materials are more rare and can only be found in specific locations or by defeating certain enemies.

5. Are there any other resources in Elex?

Yes, there are other resources in Elex such as ammunition, energy cells, and healing items. Ammunition can be found by looting enemies or purchased from merchants. Energy cells are used to power energy weapons and can be found in various locations or purchased from certain merchants. Healing items such as medkits and bandages can be found or purchased and are essential for staying alive in combat.

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