Elex: How to reach The Pit in Goliet?

The Pit is associated with a particular mission, but it is worth exploring this location beforehand due to U4 Drone, Jax’s former companion, and several valuable items that can be traded or used by the main protagonist. There are two ways to get to The Pit:

Using the jetpack allows you to jump off the platform without taking any damage.

  1. Jump off the platform shown in the picture above or slowly descend from it with a jetpack.

When using the second method, you should pay attention to the power reserve of your jetpack.

  1. Go to the gate leading to The Pit and use the jetpack to fly over the guard.

The first approach is easier since the guard will not notice you, and there is no need to worry about your jetpack’s power reserves.


1. What is The Pit in Goliet and why should I go there in Elex?

The Pit is a location in Goliet, a major settlement in the game Elex. It is a place where you can find a lot of valuable resources, including Elexit, which is the main currency in the game. Additionally, The Pit is also home to a powerful faction known as the Berserkers, who can provide you with quests and rewards if you earn their trust.

2. Where is The Pit located in Goliet?

The Pit is located in the northeastern part of Goliet, near the border with the “No Man’s Land” region. To get there, you need to cross the bridge that leads to the northern gate of Goliet, then turn left and follow the path until you reach the entrance to The Pit. You can also use the map to navigate your way there, as The Pit is marked as a separate location.

3. How do I get to The Pit in Goliet if I’m low-level and weak?

If you’re low-level and weak, it might be difficult to get to The Pit in Goliet, as there are many dangerous creatures and hostile factions along the way. However, there are several strategies that you can use to increase your chances of survival. One option is to recruit a companion or join a faction that can provide you with support and protection. Another option is to level up your character and improve your combat skills before attempting to reach The Pit. You can also use stealth and evasion tactics to avoid enemies and reach The Pit undetected.

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