Elex: Legendary Items

Here is where you can locate the legendary weapons in Elex with higher stats than the usual equipment. You can either use them or sell them to traders for Elexit.

  • The Phantom String (bow)
  • The Redeemer (energy weapon)
  • Archon’s Might (energy weapon)
  • Calaan’s Bulwark (shield)
  • Thunderclap (ranged weapon)
  • Ignis Artifex (two-handed sword)

The Phantom String (bow)

The Phantom String bow can be found in Origin during one of the main quests. To acquire the bow, reach the tower top in the village located in the mountains on the border between Edan and Abessa. The bow has a range of 50 meters, deals 72 damage, and is worth 1400 Elexit.

The Redeemer (energy weapon)

Travel to the Converter in North Abessa to find The Redeemer energy weapon. Strong enemies are found inside and outside of the Converter, so be cautious. Use lifts to reach new floors and your jet pack to access the rooftop. The weapons has a range of 30 meters, deals 100 damage, has 7 shots, and is worth 3120 Elexit.

Archon’s Might (energy weapon)

During A Strange Mechanism quest, visit The Claws’ hideout located in the sewers below Domed City in Abessa to get Archon’s Might. The weapon is located on a table. Archon’s Might has a range of 30 meters, deals 45 damage, has 15 shots, and is worth 430 Elexit.

Calaan’s Bulwark (shield)

The Hort, which is the Clerics’ headquarters, houses the Calaan’s Bulwark shield. The shield is hung on a wall in Cathedral’s floor. However, taking it from the wall is considered theft and must be done carefully. The shield provides 15 damage points and +20 to poison resistance. Its value is 660 Elexit.

Thunderclap (ranged weapon)

Obtain Thunderclap from Duke Logan’s secret stash on one of the upper floors of Duke’s Bunker located in The Fort, the Outlaws’ headquarters. During the day, the room is guarded by one soldier. It is better to wait until nightfall to sneak onto the fenced balcony to get the weapon. Thunderclap has a range of 30 meters, deals 91 damage, has 7 shots, and is worth 1420 Elexit.

Ignis Artifex (two-handed sword)

To acquire Ignis Artifex, help farmers harvest their plants in the Harvest Time quest. Travel to the island near the Hotel Ruins of Goliet and jump into the hole in the ground located around the center of the island while being careful of the dangerous monster nearby. The sword, which deals 48 fire damage, is embedded in stone and is worth 625 Elexit.


What are Legendary Items in Elex?

Legendary Items are the rarest and most powerful equipment that players can obtain in Elex. These items have unique appearances and provide significant bonuses to the player’s attributes, skills, and combat abilities. Legendary Items can be obtained by defeating powerful enemies, completing challenging quests, or finding them hidden in the game world. Once obtained, players can equip them to their character to gain their benefits. Some Legendary Items may also have special abilities or effects that can be activated by the player. Overall, Legendary Items are highly sought after by Elex players due to their rarity and power.

How do I obtain Legendary Items in Elex?

There are several ways to obtain Legendary Items in Elex. One way is to defeat powerful enemies, such as bosses or other challenging foes. These enemies may have a chance to drop a Legendary Item upon defeat. Another way is to complete certain quests or objectives that reward the player with a Legendary Item. These quests are typically more difficult than average and may require the player to explore the game world extensively. Additionally, some Legendary Items may be hidden in the game world, requiring the player to search for them in hidden locations or behind secret doors. Once obtained, Legendary Items can be equipped to the player’s character for powerful bonuses and abilities.

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