Elex: Map of Ignadon [The Hort] – Teleports, Traders and Trainers

In Ignadon’s main location, The Hort, there are various traders and ability trainers available for players to interact with. Karsten and Xander are crafting trainers, with the latter also selling armor, potions and instructions on making jewelry. Eva is the charisma trainer, while Siegfried sells potions, jewelry and crafting materials. Balder is the cleric trainer, and Godehard is the survival trainer. The Armor Master is selling weapons, armor, ammunition and jewelry. Martha and Levin are two traders, with Martha selling food, alcohol and potions, and Levin selling food, trophies, ammunition and grenades. Ferdinand is selling food, potions and ammunition. Hagen is a combat trainer, and he is also selling weapons and ammunition.

Ignadon is a dangerous volcanic land that requires a level 15 character with good gear to explore without constantly fleeing from fights. The Hort is the most significant location in Ignadon and is the headquarters of the Clerics. Players can reach The Hort quickly by teleporting from Domed City.

The Hort

The Hort is a modern city with high-end technology. A guard will stop players near the gate. Bribing the guard will not work, but players can still enter the city. Reinhold is the leader of the faction and the most important person in the city. Other significant figures include Martha and Hagen. Besides traders and trainers, players can also find many exciting and challenging quests in The Hort. One easy quest for all characters is “Question of Faith,” which players can receive from Eva. The goal is to retrieve Arvid’s book from the Cathedral’s basement, which is guarded by Karl. Players can wait until Karl leaves for a prayer at night to sneak into the archives, pick up the book, and return it to Eva to receive 300 XP and 55 Elexit.

The Hort serves as the Clerics’ headquarters.

Below is a list of traders and ability trainers available in The Hort:


  1. Xander
  2. Siegfried
  3. Armor Master
  4. Martha
  5. Levin
  6. Ferdinand
  7. Hagen


  1. Karsten
  2. Xander
  3. Eva
  4. Balder
  5. Godehard
  6. Hagen


What is Elex?

Elex is a science fiction action role-playing video game developed by Piranha Bytes and published by THQ Nordic. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic open world and combines elements from science fiction and medieval fantasy genres.

Where is The Hort located on the Map of Ignadon?

The Hort is a location in the game Elex, which is located in the region of Ignadon. On the Map of Ignadon, The Hort is located in the southwest part of the map. It is a fortified town that is home to a group of clerics who are dedicated to the worship of a god known as Calaan. The town is surrounded by a high wall to protect it from the dangers of the outside world and is accessible through several gates.

Who are the Trainers in The Hort?

The Hort is home to several trainers who can teach the player character various skills and abilities. These trainers are located throughout the town and can be identified by their unique outfits. The trainers in The Hort include the combat trainer, who can teach the player character how to fight using different weapons and techniques, the survival trainer, who can teach the player character how to survive in the harsh environment of Ignadon, and the crafting trainer, who can teach the player character how to craft various items and equipment.

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