Elex: Minor quests in The Hort – Walkthrough

This section covers the minor side quests in Elex that can be triggered while staying at The Hort, the headquarters of the Clerics. Many of these quests can help improve your relationship with the Cleric leaders.

  • Food for the Clerics
  • Question of Faith
  • Cause and Effect
  • Hard as Steel
  • From Old to New

Food for the Clerics

To unlock this quest, speak to Martha in The Hort.

Martha runs a diner in The Hort and during your first meeting she gives you a free soup. You can also unlock a quest where you have to solve a problem with food supplies. You need to find a food supplier.

Your destination is an abandoned base located far southwest from the Cleric city. There are several ways to get food supplies. The most obvious one is to speak with Raudur. You can use 3 Charisma points and 6 Crafting points to get additional 475XP for using both options, and pay him 250 Elexit for supplies. Raudur’s Note contains codes to the safes in the camp (9981, 1758, 1455). Go to each safe (try all combinations) and take the Survival Pack (200XP) from each one of them.

The first alternate solution is to use Pickpocket ability and steal Raudur’s Note (picture 1). This allows you to skip the entire conversation with him. The second solution is to use Hack on each of the safes (an example is presented in the picture 2). However, if you want to use this solution then your level in this ability should be very high.

Return to Martha in The Hort and give her the supplies (400XP). She will be pleased with the information that you bought them. However, if you have stolen them, you can either lie or tell her the truth. This will make Martha angry (she wanted to establish permanent trade relations) (400XP).

Question of Faith

To unlock this quest, speak to Eva in The Hort.

Eva stands in front of one of the buildings in The Hort and can give you a quest to find a rare Arvid’s book. It is located in the archives that can only be accessed by those who have permission. Go to the Cathedral and try to go to the basement where the archives are located. You will be stopped by Karl. You can’t enter there, even if you try to bribe him.

By default, this problem has two solutions. The first option is to wait for Karl to leave his post and go for a prayer. Use any of the beds and select the option to wait till night. Then, you must get closer to the entrance to the basement (the picture) and patiently wait for Karl to enter the Cathedral’s main room and go to the place where he can pray. Sneak into the archives (none of the characters in the location will stop the hero).

There are three options to access the archives. The first option is to obtain Arvid’s Teaching (100XP) and take it to Eva. You receive 200XP and can ask for payment of 55 Elexit. The second option is to hack into the console near the basement entrance when Karl is in the archives. To do so, you need 3 Crafting points and add yourself to the list of people with access rights to the archives (50XP). Speak with Karl and he will allow you to pass. The last option is to wait until you join the Clerics faction and become an Acolyte, which grants full access to the archives.

Cause and Effect

To unlock this quest, speak with Hagen in The Hort. Paladin Hagen will give you a quest to investigate a group of dangerous mutants (you can also use 3 Combat points to gain 50XP). The monsters’ nest is located north of the Clerics’ city and is guarded by Rottmolch monsters and a powerful beast called Moloch. Be cautious and lure out the smaller monsters first, avoiding Moloch’s charges. You can weaken Moloch from a distance as it has no ranged attacks. After defeating the monsters, check out the cave and find dead Clerics (400XP). Report back to Hagen and receive 800XP and 200 Elexit. If you are not good at fighting monsters, leave the cave after updating the quest. Hagen will clear the area with other Clerics after receiving your report.

Hard as Steel

To unlock this quest, speak with Godehard in The Hort. Godehard will give you 100 Elexit and a task to buy a part from Shorty, who is located in trenches to the west of the Clerics headquarters. You must obtain the Closed Box in two ways:

  1. Trade with Shorty for the box (100XP).
  2. Kill Shorty and loot the box (150XP, -10 Reputation with the Clerics).

Before going shopping, ensure that it is evening (otherwise interact with a bed in the city). Choose how you want to react to Shorty’s demand.

  • To acquire the box, you must pay Shorty 100 Elexit first. Then, he’ll request 100 Shards from you. You can either pay him another 100 Elexit from your own pocket, threaten him using 3 Combat points (25XP) and pay only 50 Elexit, or attack and kill him (100XP).
  • Alternatively, you can use the Pickpocket ability to steal from Shorty.

Retrieve the part (100XP) and return to Godehard. You’ll receive 200XP and 75 Elexit as a reward.

From Old to New

To initiate the quest, speak with Anna at The Hort.

It’s crucial to complete this quest as soon as possible to prevent any Clerics from dying. Otherwise, the robots in the settlement might rebel and kill innocent NPCs.

You can still proceed with the mission even after the Cleric mechanics have passed away (in fact, you’ll need to do so).

Anna will assign you a task that involves collecting AI chips from malfunctioning robots. Head to the airport, which has several Hangars located southeast of the Cleric settlement. When you arrive, you’ll come across a group of mechanics battling drones and a powerful Fighting Colossus. Join the fight, starting with the smaller drones. Save the Colossus for last and be wary of its energy attacks, especially when it’s airborne.

After the battle (you’ll get 25XP for every drone you destroy plus 200XP for defeating the Colossus), search the remains of the machines and collect 5 AI Chips (700XP). Bring them back to Anna (800XP). Your reward will depend on how quickly you resolved the issue and how polite you were when interacting with Anna (more politeness results in more Elexit).


1. What are some of the minor quests available in The Hort in Elex?

In The Hort area of Elex, there are several minor quests available for players. These include the quests “The Hort’s Most Wanted” and “The Stolen Parts”. In “The Hort’s Most Wanted”, players must defeat three criminal leaders in the area and bring their heads to the leader of The Hort. In “The Stolen Parts”, players must retrieve stolen parts from a group of bandits in the area. Additionally, there are several other minor quests available in The Hort, such as “The Lead Dealer” and “The Missing Alchemist”.

2. How do I start the “The Hort’s Most Wanted” quest in Elex?

To start the “The Hort’s Most Wanted” quest in Elex, players must first speak to the leader of The Hort. The leader will give players a list of three criminal leaders in the area that must be defeated. Once players have defeated all three, they must bring their heads back to the leader of The Hort to complete the quest.

3. What is the objective of “The Stolen Parts” quest in Elex?

The objective of “The Stolen Parts” quest in Elex is to retrieve stolen parts from a group of bandits in The Hort area. Players must find the bandits and defeat them in order to retrieve the stolen parts. Once the parts have been retrieved, players must return them to the quest giver to complete the quest.

4. How do I start the “The Lead Dealer” quest in Elex?

To start the “The Lead Dealer” quest in Elex, players must first speak to the lead dealer in The Hort area. The lead dealer will ask players to retrieve a certain amount of lead for him. Once players have retrieved the lead, they must bring it back to the lead dealer to complete the quest.

5. Where can I find the missing alchemist in Elex’s “The Missing Alchemist” quest?

In Elex’s “The Missing Alchemist” quest, players must find a missing alchemist in The Hort area. The alchemist can be found in a cave near the northern edge of The Hort. Players must navigate through the cave and defeat several enemies in order to find the missing alchemist and complete the quest.

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