Elex: On Behalf of the Claws – Walkthrough

On Behalf of the Claws is a quest associated with the Claws organization, resembling a thieves’ guild. In this quest, you have to steal valuable items from NPCs. It becomes available when you join the Claws.

To unlock this quest, speak with Hector in Domed City and join the Claws.

SPOILER – If your actions during the quest lead to Domed City being attacked and conquered by the Albs, the Claws’s hideout will be accessible only through the secret southern sewer entrance.

  • Getting new missions
  • ‘Supply Crates from Goliet’ mission
  • Job – ‘Blueprints for a Fighting Colossus’
  • Job – ‘Cleric Research’
  • Jon – ‘A Compromising Recording’
  • Job – ‘Elex for the Claws’
  • Job – ‘Mad Bob’s Weapon Cache’
  • Ending the quest

Getting new missions

You can obtain this quest by meeting with Hector in the Claws’ hideout located in the sewers under Domed City and informing him of your interest in joining his group (more information can be found in the walkthrough for A Strange Mechanism quest on the previous page of this guide). Hector will give you a few items, including the Key for the Job Trunk, which allows you to receive new contracts from that chest.

‘Supply Crates from Goliet’ mission

Take Claws’ Mission: Supply Crates from Goliet from the Job Trunk. Go to Goliet village and find Oran, the owner of the tavern. You must sneak up on him (the best time to do so is when he leaves the tavern) and use the Pickpocket ability to steal Oran’s Cellar Key (as shown in the picture).

Find one of the two entrances that lead to the basement, located under the tavern, and enter the main room (the one with big barrels). You must locate a concealed lock presented in the image. Use Oran’s key to unlock a passage that leads to a hiding place in the basement. Take the supplies with you (800XP).

Stolen goods can be placed in any of the Claws’ Drop Boxes. One of them is near Oran’s tavern. Return to the Claws’ hideout. You will receive congratulations from Darius and Hector as well as another mission (100XP).

Job – ‘Blueprints for a Fighting Colossus’

Pick up Claws’ Mission: Blueprints for a Fighting Colossus from the Job Trunk. You’ll have to go to the Clerics’ HQ – The Hort. Once you reach the city, head for the factory’s upper floor (use the ladder or the jet pack). The Fighting Colossus Blueprints you’re searching for are in an unguarded room shown on the screenshot above (200XP).

Job – ‘Cleric Research’

Pick up Claws’ Mission: Cleric Research from the Job Trunk, and head for the Cathedral in The Hort.

To gain access to the archives in the Cathedral basement, there are a few options. Firstly, follow the steps described in the walkthrough for the side-quest Question of Faith. Alternatively, wait until late evening for Karl to leave his post for evening prayer. Another option is to use the console shown in the screenshot. If you have at least 3 points in Crafting, you can add yourself to the list of persons authorized to enter the archives. Lastly, join the Clerics and gain a rank of Acolyte or higher.

To acquire four pieces of Cleric Research Documents, two can be found on shelves in the archive. The remaining two are held by NPCs and must be stolen using the Pickpocket skill (200XP). Once completed, place the stolen items in one of the Drop Boxes and return to the Claws’ hideout in Domed City. Three new jobs from the Job Trunk (100XP) will be available.

For Jon’s job, head to The Fort and go to Hank’s bar to examine one of the guestrooms. Sneak in by night or quickly grab the Hidden Recording Device shown in the picture and escape before being caught and attacked by bar staff (200XP).

For Job’s job, head west of The Fort to find the hideout in the gorge with lava. You’ll need to kill two common Reavers and their stronger leader, Slater, who uses a flamethrower at range and is a heavy hitter in melee (375XP). Search Slater’s body and pick up Logan’s Notes to learn the combination to the Duke’s safe: 8641. Alternatively, the code can also be acquired without having to fight the bandits.

To access the Duke’s Bunker in The Fort, wait for the night or kill the guard. Use the code to open the safe and collect 10 Natural Elex and 350 Elexit (200XP). The stash will also contain additional items, including the legendary shotgun Thunderclap.

Mission – ‘Mad Bob’s Weapon Cache’

To complete this mission, you must locate Mad Bob in The Fort. However, stealing from him is necessary, which requires the Pickpocket skill. Approach Mad Bob from behind, ensuring that no one is watching. Swipe Mad Bob’s Key (as shown in the screenshot) for 400XP.

Now, you can place all of the items in any Drop Box. A message from H will be included.

Finishing the Mission

Head back to the Claws’ hideout in Domed City for the final time and speak with Hector (100XP). He will inform you that you have completed all of the tasks that his group could offer. As a reward for completing this lengthy mission, you will receive 2000XP and Hector’s Chest Key (which should contain a significant amount of Elexit, among other things).


1. What is Elex: On Behalf of the Claws?

Elex: On Behalf of the Claws is an expansion pack for the game Elex, which was developed by Piranha Bytes and published by THQ Nordic. The expansion pack adds new content to the game, including a new region to explore, new enemies to fight, and new weapons and armor to collect. The expansion pack also adds new quests and storylines to the game, and allows players to align themselves with a new faction, the Claws.

2. How do I start playing On Behalf of the Claws?

To start playing Elex: On Behalf of the Claws, you must first own the base game, Elex. Once you have the base game installed, you can purchase and download the expansion pack from the game’s official website or from your preferred online retailer. Once the expansion pack is installed, you can start playing by selecting the new region from the game’s map and exploring the new content.

3. What new content does On Behalf of the Claws add to the game?

Elex: On Behalf of the Claws adds a variety of new content to the game, including a new region to explore called Tavar, new enemies to fight, new weapons and armor to collect, and new quests and storylines to complete. The expansion pack also adds a new faction to the game, the Claws, which players can align themselves with and gain new abilities and gear as they progress through the game.

4. What are the Claws?

The Claws are a new faction introduced in Elex: On Behalf of the Claws. The Claws are a group of highly skilled warriors who have banded together to protect the people of Tavar from the dangers that threaten them. The Claws have their own unique abilities and weapons, and players can align themselves with the faction by completing quests and earning their trust. By aligning themselves with the Claws, players can gain access to new gear and abilities that are exclusive to the faction.

5. Is On Behalf of the Claws worth buying?

Whether or not Elex: On Behalf of the Claws is worth buying depends on your personal preferences and how much you enjoyed the base game, Elex. If you enjoyed Elex and want to experience more of the game’s world and story, then the expansion pack is definitely worth considering. The expansion pack adds a significant amount of new content to the game, including a new region to explore and a new faction to align yourself with. However, if you didn’t enjoy Elex or are looking for a radically different experience, then the expansion pack may not be for you.

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