Elex: Side Quests in Goliet – Walkthrough

This guide provides a walkthrough for various side quests that can be completed in Goliet. Completing these quests will earn you the favor of the Berserker leaders.

  • The Second Guard
  • Mutant Attack
  • A Special Piece
  • Bad Debts
  • Clan Trouble
  • Forbidden Technology
  • The Seedling in the Forest
  • False Teachings
  • Free Beer
  • Mysterious Aura
  • Harvest Time

The Second Guard

How to unlock: Talk to Eldur in Goliet.

Cultivator Eldur, located in the north of Goliet, will ask the protagonist to find Alvar, the missing guard who was supposed to be protecting the main gate. Talk to the other guard, Drog, at the village entrance, who will send you to the tavern to talk to the innkeeper, Oran. From there, speak to Alvar’s buddy, Argor, who guards the road to The Pit west of the village. Argor will send you to search the interior of Ragnar’s fortress.

Return to the village and head towards Hotel Ruins of Goliet. Check out the southern part of the building behind the hotel, and use the jet pack to reach the base of the building. Find the shack shown in the screenshot and discover Alvar’s dead body inside. Examine the body (50XP) and pick up the Crumpled Note (read it in your inventory). Then relay the bad news to Eldur and receive 700XP and 200 Elexit.

Mutant Attack

How to unlock: Unlocks automatically after the mutants attack Goliet.

While exploring the northern part of Goliet, the village may be attacked by mutants, triggering a new quest. Help the farmers and guards defeat five Weakened Rotboars, making sure not to harm your allies. You’ll receive 65XP for each killed board (or nothing if an NPC did the job) and an additional 800XP for dealing with the threat. After the fight, talk to Orik.

A Special Piece

How to unlock: Talk to Alrik in Goliet.

Find Alrik in the tavern in Goliet and ask him about the rarest item he’s searching for. He will task you with stealing the sword of Erik Eisenfaust from Ragnar’s chambers. Head to the Hotel Ruins of Goliet and locate Ragnar’s private chamber behind the throne room on the right. The biggest challenge is the guard in front of the door who moves between two posts. Wait for him to be on his way and sneak into the chamber when he’s far away, using stealth mode. Quickly grab the Antique Sword hanging on the wall shown in the screenshot (100XP). If you fail, leave the chamber and return once the guard has gone away (you cannot be seen by anyone else in the hotel). Bring the sword to Alrik and receive 1000 Elexit and 200XP.

Note – Instead of stealing the sword, you can return it to Ragnar and get 200 Elexit as a reward. However, the quest will be cancelled. If you warn Ragnar about the theft attempt, he will ignore it.

Bad Debts

To unlock this quest, talk to Ornir in Goliet.

Ornir is located in the southwestern part of Goliet, near the tavern. He will ask you to get rid of Bigby, an Outlaw member who is snooping around The Pit. Leave the village and head to the inactive oil well, not far west of Goliet to find Bigby. You can either attack him right away or talk to him. Shoot the red canister shown on the screenshot to kill him. For killing Bigby, you’ll earn 300XP, and additional 400XP (and 100 Elexit) once you return to Ornir.

If you want an alternate solution, you can help Bigby reestablish his trade with Ornir. To do so, return to Ornir and persuade him to change his mind. You can use of the optional dialogue options (required Suggestion skill, or at least 3 points in Crafting), or bribe him for 300 Elexit. You’ll receive 200XP and additional 150 Elexit after you’ve returned to Bigby.

The second alternate solution is to betray Ornir. After talking with Bigby and learning about the trade exchange you can go to Jora in Goliet. You will earn 600XP. You should also go to Angrim. Speak with him about sentencing Ornir for breaking the law and receive 250 Elexit.

Clan Trouble

To unlock this quest, talk to Cormag in Goliet.

Cormag is in one of the buildings next to the stairs leading to the Hotel Ruins of Goliet. He can assign you the task of solving the problems caused by Eldur the cultivator. From Eldur, you learn that Oran the innkeeper does not want to serve him and other members of the Hammer clan. Go to the tavern and talk to Oran. You can use charisma, intimidation, challenge him to a duel, or offer him 500 Elexit as a bribe to solve the issue. No matter which option you choose, you gain 200XP and learn it was Angrim who forbade serving the Hammer clan. Return to Eldur to receive 200XP and 100 Elexit. Additionally, you can go to Cormag (500XP) and choose whether to tell him the truth about Angrim’s ban (you get 250 Elexit) or keep this information to yourself.

Forbidden Technology

To unlock this quest, talk to Angrim in Goliet.

The Elex weapon is located in one of the cabins in Goliet, but taking it is against the law.

You can find Angrim in one of the cabins in Goliet, located north of the hotel. When you meet him, ask him for work and promise to follow the berserk law. He will ask you to retrieve the forbidden Elex weapon from Jora, who is in charge of the items thrown into The Pit. Speak to Jora about Angrim’s weapon and you can choose to:

  1. Question Angrim’s request and remind Jora that collecting items from The Pit is against the law. You will pass the test of obeying the law and receive 100 Elexit as well as improve your relations with Angrim.
  2. Ask Jora to give you the Defective Elex Weapon, which is inside the cabin in front of her (you can also try to take the weapon without asking Jora first). After you deliver the weapon, you will be arrested for breaking the berserk law and Angrim will be unhappy. However, you can redeem yourself by completing another task for him: The Seedling in the Forest (finding Rogar).

The Seedling in the Forest

To unlock this quest, speak with Angrim in Goliet.

You will receive this quest from Angrim after completing (or failing) his previous mission – Forbidden Technology. Your task is to search for Rogar, a lost Berserker. Head to the Valley of the Damned located west of the Great Lift. Be warned, this is a tough battle and you should only attempt it when your level is high enough.

When you arrive, you will encounter five Alb Scouts who are dangerous both at close and long range. They use energy weapons and flamethrowers so hide behind bigger trees if you want them to get closer to the hero. Take them by surprise and eliminate them one by one (850XP). Search for Rogar’s corpse, which is shown in the picture, and examine it (800XP). This will complete the quest, but you can also report back to Angrim and receive an additional 400XP as well as 100 Elexit.

Warning – If you don’t want to wait until your hero is strong enough, you can simply run to Rogar’s body and interact with it. However, you may lose a lot of energy because the Albs have good ranged weapons.

False Teachings

To unlock this quest, talk to Angrim in Goliet.

After revealing Bertram as a Cleric spy, you can either help him escape or kill him in Goliet.

This is another quest you can unlock during your first meeting with Angrim in Goliet. During the conversation, discuss the Clerics with him and he will reveal that he suspects a spy in the village. Your task is to identify the spy, who is Bertram. He can be found in the central part of the village and may offer to buy back the clerics’ weapon during the Dangerous Goods quest. Select all the dialogue options to verify whether Bertram is working for the Clerics. Return to Angrim, who will issue the order to kill Bertram.

To find Bertram in the village, it is recommended to perform a surprise attack rather than selecting the dialogue option. After killing Bertram, report to Angrim and receive 200XP and 100 Elexit. Alternatively, you can help Bertram escape from Goliet by talking to Rijka, Ragnar’s wife, and completing the quest to get 200XP. Informing Angrim that Bertram has left the village achieves nothing and makes him angry. Bertram can be found in the administration building in The Hort, where you receive his thanks and 175 Elexit.

To unlock the “Free Beer” quest, talk to Drog in Goliet and buy a beer from Oran for 10 Elexit. Delivering the beer to Drog earns 100XP, and you can refuse payment, engage in a duel, or choose a unique dialogue option to receive 50 Elexit.

To unlock the “Mysterious Aura” quest, talk to Caldrim in Goliet, but do not reveal that he sent you when speaking to Orik in the northern part of the village. Orik will share information about his seed experiments, and you can either betray him and tell Caldrim for 200 Elexit or protect his business and receive no prize.

To unlock the “Harvest Time” quest, speak with Born in Goliet and deliver ripe healing roots to villagers. Use Survive points during a conversation with Born to receive an additional 25XP. The roots can be found on a small island east of the village, but beware of powerful monsters such as Night Shades.

To complete this task, you need to locate 8 mature healing roots for a reward of 200XP. While searching for the roots, take a moment to explore the well shown in the image at the center of the island. Dive into it and you’ll emerge near the Ignis Artifex sword embedded in a rock (deals 53 damage and boosts fire damage by 20%). Once you’ve collected the roots, bring them back to Born. As a reward, you’ll receive 5 Cultivator loafs and 180 Elexit (if Nasty is your companion, she’ll use her persuasive skills to convince Born to pay an additional 50 Elexit).


What are minor quests in Goliet in Elex?

Minor quests in Goliet are smaller tasks that players can undertake while playing the Elex video game. They usually involve helping NPCs in the town with various issues and are not crucial to advancing the main storyline. These quests can be completed at any point in the game and typically reward players with experience points, items, and currency. Examples of minor quests in Goliet include finding a missing person, helping a blacksmith repair his forge, and gathering resources for the town’s survival. These quests can add depth to the game and provide players with a variety of challenges to complete.

How do I complete minor quests in Goliet in Elex?

Completing minor quests in Goliet requires players to interact with NPCs and complete tasks assigned to them. Players can find these quests by speaking with town residents and exploring the area. Once a quest has been accepted, players must complete the objective and return to the NPC to receive their reward. Some quests may require players to gather resources, defeat enemies, or solve puzzles. It is important to pay attention to quest descriptions and instructions to ensure successful completion. Players can track their progress on the quest log and see which quests they have completed and which ones are still active. By completing minor quests in Goliet, players can gain experience, level up, and earn rewards that can help them in their journey through the game.

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