Elex: Smaller quests in Domed City – Walkthrough

In this section, you can discover the descriptions of minor side quests in Elex that you can unlock while staying in Domed City. Many of these quests have different endings that depend on the player’s choices and can affect their relationship with one of the main factions (Berserkers, Clerics, Outlaws, Alb Separatists). Therefore, it’s important to plan ahead and decide which faction to join before starting these quests.

  • Professional Thug
  • Making Contact
  • Right to Stay
  • Shady Dealings
  • Security Measures
  • Vacancy
  • Mental Game

Professional Thug

To unlock this quest, speak with Riley in Domed City.

You can defeat each NPC connected to this quest, but be careful not to harm other citizens.

Riley, a member of the Outlaws faction, can ask you to solve a problem with Brabak from the Berserkers, who should be inside the bar. You have two options:

  1. Provoke Brabak to attack you and defeat him without harming anyone else in the bar (300XP). After the fight, force Brabak to stop harassing the Outlaws (you can also ask him to pay you if you have 20 Combat points). Return to Riley and receive 200XP and 80 Elexit.
  2. Have a friendly conversation with Brabak and promise to intimidate Riley. Defeat Riley in hand-to-hand combat (200XP). After humiliating Riley, return to Brabak and receive 200XP and 150 Elexit.

Making Contact

To unlock this quest, speak with Darrell in Domed City.

Darrell from the Outlaws can ask for your help in investigating the Clerics’ communication problem with The Hort. Speak with Lutz from the Clerics, who works near a force field on one of the walls. You can tell him that you know about the problem from one of the Outlaws or keep this information hidden. In both cases, you learn that you need to fix a relay station. Return to Darrell and tell him what you learned from Lutz. He gives you a Bugging device and asks you to install it on the antenna (you don’t have to make a choice yet).

The relay station is located northeast from Domed City and south from the Converter in North Abessa. You may encounter a few Albs, but you don’t have to fight them. Focus on reaching the antenna tower and start climbing using ladders.

After reaching the highest balconies, interact with the console. You can now choose how to complete the quest:

  1. Complete the antenna recalibration task without placing a bug (400XP). Return to Lutz in Domed City and inform him that you have completed the mission. You will receive 200XP and 112 Elexit as a reward.
  2. Complete the antenna recalibration task and install a bug (400XP). First, return to Darrell in Domed City and inform him that you have placed the bug. You will receive 200XP and 150 Elexit. You must also visit Lutz and collect 112 Elexit from him.

Right to Stay

To unlock this quest, speak with Fenk in Domed City.

During your conversation with Jorg, you can choose to help Fenk (the Separatists) or Caleb (the Berserkers).

Fenk is an Alb Separatist who knows Jax. He can assign you a quest where you can prevent a conflict between him and Caleb, a Berserker who wants to evict the Separatists from Domed City.

  1. If you choose to help the Separatists, you must approach Jorg, who, according to Fenk, has made an erroneous accusation. You must persuade Jorg to withdraw the charges (200XP) – you can do so in any manner you choose (200XP). Once you have completed this, you can return to Fenk and receive 500XP and 500 Elexit. If you complete the quest this way, the Separatists will remain in the city.
  2. If you choose to help the Berserkers, you must first speak with Jorg (without advising him on how to act) or go straight to Caleb. Promise him that you will keep Jorg quiet if he decides to change his (false) testimony. Speak with Jorg (200XP) and tell him to act as Caleb desires (200XP). After that, you must return to Caleb and receive 1000XP. If you complete the quest this way, the Separatists will be evicted from the city. Warning – this may lock certain quests or alternative methods of completing them!

Shady Dealings

To unlock this quest, speak with Paige in Domed City.

Assist Radok in getting rid of the Clerics or attack him.

Paige can assign you a quest that will strengthen the Outlaws. She requests that you assist her in transporting a weapons delivery to Domed City for that faction. You can go straight to the designated location or betray Paige’s trust and first approach Alois from the Clerics (he can be found in the main building). You can inform him about the weapons delivery. Alois requests that you deliver the package to him.

No matter what you choose, you must go to a small camp northeast of the city where you can locate a Separatist named Radok. The conversation will be disrupted by Clerics. You can assist Radok in killing them (Alois will be unaware of this if you plan to work with him) or betray Radok and attack him. Once the battle is over (500XP), gather 200XP, 75 Elexit, and a Crate of Explosives from Radok. If he is dead, take Radok’s Report from the chest. You may now:

  1. Bring the explosives to Paige and assist the Outlaws. You will receive 400XP and 300 Elexit as a reward.
  2. Return to Alois and deliver the explosives or inform him of Radok’s death. You may receive up to 600XP and 150 Elexit.

Security Measures

To unlock this quest, speak with Erich in Domed City.

If Riley changed the Energy Regulator, you have the option to allow it to be installed or to warn Lutz about the modification.

When attempting to enter the upper part of Domed City, Engineer Erich can stop you. If you have 4 ability points in Crafting 4, you can use them to show your knowledge about technology and receive an additional 25XP. Erich can give you a device called Energy Regulator and a quest during which you must bring this part to Lutz. This device can ensure that the energy shield, which protects the city, will work properly.

On your way to Lutz, you may be stopped by Riley, who offers an alternative solution. He can reprogram the Energy Regulator to partially turn off the energy shield. You can agree immediately, do it after negotiations (the maximum payment is 300 Elexit if you have 4 points in Charisma), or refuse. After giving the Energy Regulator to Lutz (200XP), if the device was modified by Riley, Lutz may become suspicious. You can tell him the truth or lie and install the modified regulator. You receive 400XP. Return to Erich and collect your reward – 200XP and 150 Elexit.

IMPORTANT NOTE – SPOILER – Allowing Riley to reprogram the regulator can lead to a massive dome malfunction in the near future, which will leave the city defenseless. As a result, the Albs may appear and take control of the city after they slaughter its residents.


To unlock this quest, talk to Vivian in Domed City.

Nyara is the best candidate, but you can choose a member of another faction that you like the most.

Vivian is looking for a technician, and you can help her find the perfect candidate among the three she is currently interested in. Before talking about the job, you should agree to listen to Vivian’s entire story, and you will receive an additional 200XP. The potential candidates are:

  1. Rorik from the Berserkers. You learn that he isn’t well-qualified. When you go back to Vivian, you can choose any of the reasons for why she should hire him. You receive 200XP and 230 Elexit.
  2. Nyra from the Alb Separatists. You learn that she is the best for the job and demands 500 Elexit for offering her skills. You can pay her or refuse. When you go back to Vivian, you can convince her that Nyra is the best candidate. Vivian doesn’t want to pay her 500 Elexit, but if you did, she will reimburse you. You receive 200XP and 230 Elexit (plus 270 Elexit if you paid Nyra before).
  3. Darrell from the Outlaws. You learn that he isn’t well-qualified. When you go back to Vivian, you can choose any of the reasons for why she should hire him (one of them requires you to lie that he has knowledge of technology). You receive 200XP and 230 Elexit.

Mental Game

To unlock this quest, talk to Gottfried in Domed City.

If you talk to Gottfried on the rooftop of the main building in Domed City, a simple quest will activate. However, the arrival of the hero distracts him, and you can assist him in recalling what he was discussing. The correct answer to his question is “43 degree, eastwards” (as shown in the picture above). In return, you will receive 100XP and 25 Elexit.


1. What are minor quests in Domed City in Elex?

Minor quests in Domed City are additional tasks that players can complete while exploring the city. These quests are not part of the main storyline, but completing them can provide rewards such as experience points, items, or money. They can also add more depth and immersion to the game world, as they often involve interactions with non-playable characters and exploring new areas.

2. How do I find minor quests in Domed City?

Players can find minor quests in Domed City by exploring the city and talking to non-playable characters. Some quests may only become available after completing certain main story missions, or by having certain skills or attributes. It is also important to pay attention to the environment and look for clues, as some quests may be hidden or require some puzzle solving to discover.

3. What are some examples of minor quests in Domed City?

Some examples of minor quests in Domed City include delivering packages for a local merchant, helping a group of rebels sabotage a factory, or investigating a mysterious disappearance of a resident. Each quest has its own unique story and objectives, and may require different skills or approaches to complete. Some quests may also have multiple outcomes, depending on the player’s choices and actions.

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