Elex: Survive – Walkthrough

This section provides a guide for completing the Survive quest in Elex. It is the first story quest that becomes available shortly after starting the game. The objective is to escape from the starting location and reach one of the larger villages in the area to purchase better equipment. The easiest way to achieve this is by accepting the assistance of berserker Duras and traveling with him to Goliet.

How to Unlock: The quest unlocks automatically at the start of the game.

Defeating the Sick Mass Rat is relatively easy; remember to dodge and parry its attacks.

The adventure begins close to the observatory ruins, with the protagonist equipped with only an iron rod. While exploring the area, collect any interactive items you encounter; even if you don’t need them now, they can be sold or used later for crafting.

Along the way, you’ll encounter the first monster – a Sick Mass Rat. Refer to the combat hints (including those in this guide) to defeat it while losing as little HP as possible. Not far from there, you’ll find a destroyed C.R.O.N.Y. U3 drone. Examining it will unlock a new companion quest – A Half Defective Tin Can.

Before entering the building, it’s advisable to explore the hill to the left. Here, you’ll encounter a stronger beast – a Runt Biter (dodge its charges to the side). The most valuable item in this area is the Adventurer’s Amulet, which grants +1 Lock Picking and +5 armor, as shown in the screenshot.

Upon entering the building, defeat another rat. In one of the rooms, you should find the Cultivator Bow, a decent alternative to the iron rod if you prefer ranged combat (remember to keep an eye out for arrows, as they cannot be retrieved from enemy bodies). When you reach the large balcony, the game will unlock a new quest line – Campaign of Vengeance – which will remain in your journal for most of the game.

You can travel with Duras to Goliet or continue on your own.

Use the balconies to access the elevator and summon it. Once it arrives, have the protagonist jump into a hole and take the Jet Pack. This gadget allows for short flights (use it to reach the inaccessible upper corridor), but keep in mind that it has a limited energy supply (which regenerates automatically when not in use).

Upon leaving the ruins, you’ll encounter Duras, a berserker, and earn 200XP. Your choices during the conversation with Duras will affect his attitude towards your character. The most crucial decision is whether to accept his offer to travel together to Goliet, where Jax can acquire basic equipment. Alternatively, you can refuse and travel solo to Goliet (located east of the observatory) or explore the world independently (which is not recommended at this stage).

If you choose to travel to Goliet with Duras, you will join the Berserker faction and will not have another chance to join them until later in the game. While traveling, Duras will engage all encountered monsters, and you can either help him or let him handle it on his own. If you follow Duras, you can find a better weapon near a blood puddle on the bridge. You will gain 400XP on your journey and will soon come across larger ruins where you can choose to explore or head straight to Goliet. If you explore the ruins with Duras, you will encounter various monsters, but you can leave him to deal with the stronger ones. You will find the corpses of clerics inside the ruins, and searching them will yield you quest items. After collecting all five clerics’ weapons, you will receive 100XP and an additional 200XP for talking to Duras. Once you reach Goliet, you will unlock a new companion quest and side-quests.


1. What is Elex: Survive?

Elex: Survive is a survival game set in the post-apocalyptic world of Magalan. After a devastating comet impact, the world is in chaos and players must navigate a harsh environment filled with mutants, bandits, and other dangers. The game features a crafting system, base building, and resource management as players try to survive in this dangerous world.

2. How do I start playing Elex: Survive?

To start playing Elex: Survive, you will need to purchase the game on the platform of your choice. Once you have the game installed, you can begin by creating a new character and following the tutorial to learn the basics of survival in this world. From there, you can explore the open world, gather resources, and build your own base to survive the dangers of Magalan.

3. What are some tips for surviving in Elex: Survive?

Some tips for surviving in Elex: Survive include gathering resources as much as possible, building a sturdy base to protect yourself from mutants and bandits, and crafting useful items like weapons and armor. It is also important to keep an eye on your hunger and thirst levels, as well as your health, and to avoid dangerous areas or enemies until you are better prepared to face them.

4. What are the different factions in Elex: Survive?

Elex: Survive features several different factions that players can choose to align themselves with, including the Berserkers, Clerics, and Outlaws. Each faction has its own unique abilities and playstyle, and players will need to choose which one to join based on their own personal preferences and goals in the game.

5. Is multiplayer available in Elex: Survive?

No, Elex: Survive is a single-player game and does not feature any multiplayer modes. However, players can still share their experiences and strategies with each other online through forums and other community channels.

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