Elex: Tavar Map [The Fort] – Teleports, Traders, and Instructors

Rider – He sells food, trophies, and crossbow bolts.

Barkeeper; Chloe – The barkeeper sells alcohol, food, and potions, while Chloe is a Charisma Instructor.

Hank – He sells food, alcohol, and potions.

Goods Trader – He sells armor, grenades, instructions for making boosters, and food.

Weasel – He sells potions and crafting materials.

Doc – He is a Crafting Instructor who also sells chems and instructions for crafting boosters.

Camp Master – He sells weapons, armor, ammunition, and jewelry.

Big Jim – Combat Instructor.

William – Outlaw Instructor.

Weapons Trader – He sells weapons, ammunition, and potions.

Mad Bob – Survival Instructor.

Tavar is a dangerous desert full of strong monsters, so you need to be at level 10-15 to have any chance against them. However, thanks to your jetpack, exploring these lands is still possible. The Outlaws created The Fort city in this land. Also, you should visit Sandy Pines to meet Ray, who can later become your companion.

The Fort

The Fort is the headquarters of the Outlaws faction, led by William. Important characters like Chloe and Mad Bob also have a significant presence. The southern gate is the best way to enter the city because the one in the north is guarded by Spike, who wants a fee for entry. However, you can fight with him or use Suggestion. The arena is the most exciting place in The Fort, where you can have fights and earn experience and Elexit. You can meet Ray here again and add him to your team after completing a mission. Additionally, you can find many traders, instructors, and interesting quests. A simple one is worth mentioning:

Grenade Delivery – Blake gives you a quest in which you must steal chests with grenades. Head to Duke’s Bunker, go down the stairs, enter stealth mode, and avoid being detected by the Camp Master. Collect three chests with grenades and go back to the quest giver. You get 300 XP and can choose to get a few grenades or 200 Elexit.

Going through the north gate means encountering a guard who wants payment for entry to the city.

Below is a list of traders and instructors available in The Fort:


  1. Goods Trader
  2. Weapons Trader
  3. Doc
  4. Hank
  5. Camp Master
  6. Barkeeper


  1. William
  2. Big Jim
  3. Doc
  4. Mad Bob
  5. Chloe


1. What is Tavar and The Fort in Elex?

Tavar is a region in the game Elex, which is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi RPG. The Fort is a location within Tavar that serves as a hub for players to trade, learn new skills, and teleport to other areas. It is ruled by the Albs, a faction of humans who have become addicted to a substance called Elex.

2. How can I use teleports in The Fort?

In The Fort, there are several teleports that players can use to travel to other areas of Tavar. To use these teleports, players must first activate them by interacting with them. Once a teleport is activated, players can select their desired destination from the map that appears. Teleporting requires a small amount of Elexit, the in-game currency, to be paid as a fee.

3. What kind of traders are available in The Fort?

The Fort is home to several traders, each offering different types of goods and services. The General Trader sells a variety of basic items such as weapons, armor, and consumables. The Outlaw Trader specializes in illegal and rare items, such as lockpicks and grenades. The Technomancer Trader offers advanced technology-based items, such as energy weapons and hacking tools. Finally, the Alchemist Trader sells potions and other alchemical items.

4. Are there trainers in The Fort that can teach me new skills?

Yes, there are several trainers in The Fort who can teach players new skills and abilities. The Combat Trainer can teach players how to fight more effectively, while the Survival Trainer can teach players how to survive in the harsh world of Elex. The Crafting Trainer can teach players how to craft their own weapons and armor, while the Attribute Trainer can help players improve their attributes such as strength and agility.

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