Elex: Travelling with a Partner

In Elex, you are able to journey with a partner. This is beneficial during battles as all experience gained from defeated enemies goes directly to you. Additionally, your partner is capable of following you to nearly any location due to their personal jet pack, allowing them to climb mountains and rooftops with ease.

All partners can be located at the Small Camp.

It is important to note that each partner has their own unique traits and typically align with a particular faction. This can impact dialogue options with NPCs as some lines may be inaccessible due to your partner’s presence. Partners may also partake in conversations. Generally, completing a quest is necessary to acquire a partner, though some may join immediately. Further details on partners can be found in the Lists section under the Companions page.


1. What are the benefits of travelling with a companion?

Travelling with a companion can enhance your travel experience in many ways. Firstly, it can be safer to travel with someone else, especially if you are exploring an unfamiliar area. Having another person with you can also make it easier to navigate and plan your itinerary. Secondly, travelling with a companion can be more fun and enjoyable. You have someone to share your experiences with, laugh with and create memories with. Finally, travelling with a companion can often be more cost-effective. You can split expenses such as accommodation, transportation and food, making your trip more affordable.

2. How can you choose the right companion for your travels?

Choosing the right travel companion is important to ensure a successful trip. Firstly, consider your interests and personalities. You want to travel with someone who has similar interests and travel styles as you. Secondly, think about your compatibility with the person. If you have travelled with them before or spent extended periods of time together, you may already know if you are compatible. If not, consider taking a short trip together before committing to a longer one. Finally, discuss expectations and plans before the trip. Make sure you are both on the same page about budget, itinerary and expectations for the trip.

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