Elex: Walkthrough for Minor Quests in Abessa

This section of the guide provides details on side quests that can be unlocked while exploring Abessa (a region located north of the starting point). Quests that begin in Domed City are not included here and are described separately in another section.

  • The Converter in North Abessa
  • Overrun by Reavers

The Converter in North Abessa

How to unlock this quest: It is unlocked automatically after reaching the Converter in North Abessa.

We recommend starting this quest after meeting with Sestak in Converter in South Abessa, which occurs during the Refuge of the Separatists main quest. This is because you will need access codes to turn off converters in other parts of the world, which can only be obtained after meeting with Sestak.

Unfortunately, the converter in North Abessa (located northeast of Domed City) is heavily guarded by strong Albs and Fighting Colossus machines. To avoid fighting them, you can use your jet pack to bypass the main entrance and the Albs guarding the walls (an example is shown in the picture). You must carefully approach the tower’s entrance and lure the soldiers guarding it to a more secluded place.

Enter the converter and eliminate the Albs. Use lifts to reach new floors and eventually reach the “boss” – Alb Commander. Avoid his melee and ranged attacks, and gradually reduce his health points until he is defeated (175XP).

After the battle, search for the large red console shown in the picture. Use it to turn off the converter (1000XP).

Warning – Before leaving the converter, examine the rooftop platform where you can find valuable items, including The Redeemer energy weapon and Elex Drinks (which provide bonuses to your character’s development).

Overrun by Reavers

How to unlock this quest: Speak with Albert near the Dam.

This quest can be activated when you reach the eastern part of the Dam, near the Converter in South Abessa. Approach the Clerics standing near the Dam (shown in the picture) and speak with Egon and Albert. You can offer to help eliminate the bandits that have appeared near the Dam. Near the end of the conversation, you can choose to attack them alone or cooperate with the Clerics. The second option is better, as the risk of Egon or Albert dying in battle is low (you can save the game before deciding, just in case).

The bandits occupy the area around a gas station. Reach the other end of the Dam, where the Reavers are located inside and around a destroyed gas station. You can attack them in any order (each bandit killed earns 100XP), but remember that their leader is stronger than the rest. Some enemies also have good ranged weapons. If you are accompanied by the Clerics, avoid using grenades, flamethrowers, or other attacks that may accidentally harm them.

Once you finish the battles, your next task is to locate Albert and claim your 400XP reward. Don’t forget to scavenge the enemy bodies as well, as you may discover valuable loot such as the Plasma Blaster PLS-T or the Flamethrower Mark B. Additionally, you can retrieve a detonator from the station building and hand it over to Albert, though no bonus rewards will be granted for doing so.


What are minor quests in Abessa in Elex?

Minor quests in Abessa in Elex are small side missions that the player can undertake to earn experience points, items, and sometimes even influence with factions. These quests are not part of the main storyline but provide additional content and depth to the game. They can be found by talking to NPCs, discovering new locations, or completing other quests. Some minor quests in Abessa involve combat, while others require the player to solve puzzles or make decisions that affect the outcome of the mission. While not necessary to complete the game, minor quests in Abessa can provide a more immersive experience and allow the player to explore the world of Elex further.

How do I start a minor quest in Abessa in Elex?

To start a minor quest in Abessa in Elex, the player should talk to NPCs and explore the game world. Some minor quests are triggered by entering a specific location, while others require the player to complete other missions beforehand. The player can also check their quest log to see if any minor quests are available. Once a minor quest has been accepted, the player should follow the objectives listed in their quest log. These objectives may include defeating enemies, finding items, or talking to other NPCs. Upon completion of the minor quest, the player will receive rewards such as experience points, items, and influence with factions. It is important to note that some minor quests in Abessa may have consequences later in the game, so the player should choose their actions carefully.

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