Elex: Walkthrough of “Through the Ice Desert” Quest

“Through the Ice Desert” is a primary quest that becomes available at the start of Chapter Four in Elex. This task is part of the preparations for the attack on the Ice Palace, and your mission is to eliminate all the Alb Commanders that are still alive.

To unlock this quest, you need to talk to Thorald in Abandoned Cliffs.

By default, the Commanders are hiding in small bunkers in Xacor.

Thorald hands you a list of six Alb Commanders that are in Xacor and defending the Ice Palace. You can approach your targets in any order, but be prepared as they will be accompanied by other soldiers. Keep an eye out for the Fighting Colossus mechs – if you don’t need to, you can avoid attacking them. The Commanders are hiding in small bunkers, and you can use ranged attacks to draw them out and separate them from the other enemies. You don’t have to kill all the enemies in a particular location, just focus on the Commanders marked by the game (don’t forget to search the corpses).

Each dead Commander will grant you 175XP, and killing all six will reward you with 7000XP. Return to Thorald and give him your report.


1. What is Elex: Through the Ice Desert?

Elex: Through the Ice Desert is an expansion pack for the video game Elex. It adds a new region to the game called the Ice Desert, which is a frozen wasteland inhabited by new creatures and enemies. The expansion also includes new quests, weapons, armor, and abilities for the player to discover and use. The story of the expansion takes place after the events of the main game and follows the protagonist as they journey to the Ice Desert to uncover the secrets hidden within.

2. How do I access the Ice Desert in Elex?

To access the Ice Desert in Elex, you must have the expansion pack installed and have progressed far enough in the main story to unlock the teleporter in the Hort. Once you have unlocked the teleporter, travel to the Abessa teleporter and use it to travel to the Ice Desert. From there, you can explore the new region and complete the new quests and challenges.

3. What new challenges will I face in the Ice Desert?

The Ice Desert in Elex: Through the Ice Desert is a harsh and unforgiving environment filled with new creatures and enemies. The cold temperatures will drain your health and stamina, and you must find ways to stay warm and survive. You will encounter new factions and characters, each with their own goals and agendas. You must navigate the treacherous terrain and overcome the new challenges to uncover the secrets of the Ice Desert.

4. What new features are included in Elex: Through the Ice Desert?

Elex: Through the Ice Desert includes a variety of new features to enhance your gameplay experience. You will find new weapons and armor to collect and use, as well as new abilities to unlock and upgrade. The expansion also introduces a new crafting system, allowing you to create new items and equipment using resources found in the Ice Desert. Additionally, the expansion adds new side quests and challenges to complete, giving you even more content to explore and enjoy.

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