Elex: What is Cold and When Does it Matter?

In Elex, Cold is a unique attribute that reflects the level of humanity in the protagonist, Jax. At the start of the game, Cold is neutral, but Jax’s choices throughout the game can change it. You can check your current Cold level in the character sheet screen, as shown in the picture above.

To put it simply, empathizing with NPCs during conversations lowers your Cold and earns you “good karma,” while selecting dialog options that are cold and emotionless increases your Cold and gives you “bad karma.” It’s best to stick to one approach throughout your playthrough and focus on options that either increase or decrease your Cold. The game will inform you of every change in your Cold level:

  1. The first picture shows an example of decreasing your Cold.
  2. The second picture shows an example of increasing your Cold.

It’s a good idea to save your game before starting a conversation, in case you accidentally choose the wrong dialog option. You can then reload the game and try again if your Cold level changes in an undesirable way.

Cold only becomes important later in the game, especially during important dialogs in the main storyline. If Jax’s Cold is too low or too high, certain dialog options may not be available. The picture above shows an example where only options 1 (for low Cold) and 2 (neutral) are available, while option 3 (for high Cold) is blocked.


What is Elex: Cold?

Elex: Cold is a status effect in the game Elex, which is a science fiction action role-playing video game. When the player character gets cold, their maximum health is reduced, making it easier for enemies to defeat them. The cold status effect is represented by a blue bar on the player’s health bar, and it decreases over time when the player is exposed to cold weather or when they are swimming in cold water.

How can the player character get rid of the cold status effect?

The player character can get rid of the cold status effect by finding a heat source or by using a heat potion. Heat sources include campfires, stoves, and heaters found in various locations throughout the game world. When the player character is near a heat source, their cold bar will start to fill up again, and once it is full, the cold status effect will be removed. Heat potions can also be found or purchased from merchants, and they instantly remove the cold status effect when used.

What are the consequences of not getting rid of the cold status effect?

If the player character does not get rid of the cold status effect, their maximum health will continue to decrease over time, making it more difficult to survive combat encounters. If the player character’s health reaches zero, they will die and be forced to respawn at the nearest save point. Additionally, some areas of the game world are only accessible if the player character has a high enough maximum health, so it is important to keep the cold status effect under control.

When does the cold status effect change?

The cold status effect changes depending on the player character’s environment. If the player character is in a warm area or near a heat source, the cold status effect will decrease more slowly or even disappear over time. However, if the player character is in a cold area or is swimming in cold water, the cold status effect will increase more quickly. It is important for the player character to be aware of their surroundings and to find heat sources or heat potions when necessary.

Are there any other status effects in Elex?

Yes, there are several other status effects in Elex, including poison, radiation, and bleeding. Each status effect has its own set of consequences and requires a different strategy to overcome. It is important for the player character to be aware of these status effects and to find ways to counteract them in order to survive in the game world.

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