Elex: Who Am I? – Walkthrough

Who Am I? is a main quest that becomes available in the fourth chapter of Elex. To begin, you need to speak with Thorald in Abandoned Cliffs. This quest is a continuation of Family Meeting, and your goal is to find and confront Kallax once again.

Thorald informs you that Kallax is hiding in Zardom’s old hideout in Company Premises: North Abessa. However, you should save your progress before approaching the hideout. When you arrive, start the meeting with Kallax. Be careful during the conversation because any dialogue option will lead to a fight. Kallax is a tough opponent who uses melee attacks that deal additional electricity damage. After defeating him, you’ll earn 3725XP.

But the quest is not over yet. You must find a password to unlock The Hybrid’s chamber in the Ice Palace. Harley, who can be found in Camp in the Center, can help you with that. Once you have the password, head back to Company Premises: West Edan (which you visited during Defective Reactor quest) and go to the room behind the spiral stairs. This will trigger a cut-scene during which you’ll find the password that unlocks the passage in the palace. You’ll earn 8400XP for completing this part of the quest.


1. What is Elex: Who Am I?

Elex: Who Am I? is an action role-playing game developed by Piranha Bytes and published by THQ Nordic. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where the player takes on the role of Jax, a former Commander in the Alb faction who has lost his memory and must rediscover his past and identity.

2. What platforms is Elex: Who Am I available on?

Elex: Who Am I is available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

3. How do I progress in Elex: Who Am I?

Players progress in Elex: Who Am I by completing quests and advancing the main storyline. The game also features a reputation system where the player’s actions and choices affect how various factions and characters perceive them. Combat is also a major aspect of the game, with players able to use a variety of weapons and abilities to defeat enemies.

4. Are there multiple endings in Elex: Who Am I?

Yes, there are multiple endings in Elex: Who Am I, which are influenced by the player’s choices throughout the game. The choices made during the main storyline and side quests affect the ending the player receives.

5. Is Elex: Who Am I a single player or multiplayer game?

Elex: Who Am I is a single player game, meaning that it can only be played by one person at a time. There is no multiplayer mode available.

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