Eliminate Ghouls from National Guard Training Yard

How to Access: Speak with Deb, the merchant in Bunker Hill (M5,25)


It is suggested that you complete this mission before the Battle of Bunker Hill. Deb will assign you the task of removing all ghouls from the National Guard Training Yard.

Clear the exterior and interior and of the facility of all ghouls – you do not need to enter the garrison, nor the storage

You must kill the ghouls both inside and outside the building. They have been marked on your radar. You will receive confirmation of mission completion once all ghouls have been eliminated. Return to Deb for your reward. You do not need to concern yourself with turrets, only ghouls are your target.

Rewards for completing the mission: Experience points, 175 caps


What is the National Guard training yard?

The National Guard training yard is a military facility located in the Commonwealth in the Fallout 4 game. It was used by the National Guard to train their soldiers before the Great War. After the war, it was abandoned and is now infested with ghouls.

What are ghouls?

Ghouls are a type of mutated human that were exposed to high levels of radiation. They have a ghastly appearance, with rotten flesh, glowing eyes, and sometimes missing limbs. Ghouls are immune to radiation and have a longer lifespan than regular humans. They are often hostile towards humans and can be found throughout the wasteland in the Fallout universe.

Why do I need to clear the National Guard training yard of ghouls?

The National Guard training yard is a location in the game that is occupied by ghouls. Clearing out the ghouls will allow you to access the facility and loot the area for valuable items. Additionally, completing the task of clearing out the yard can earn you experience points and reputation with certain factions in the game.

How do I clear the National Guard training yard of ghouls?

To clear out the National Guard training yard of ghouls, you will need to eliminate all of the ghouls in the area. This can be done by using weapons such as guns, melee weapons, or explosives. It is recommended to bring a companion with you to assist in the fight. Once all of the ghouls are eliminated, the area will be cleared and you can explore the facility for loot and other items.

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