Escape from the Temple and Return to Kuwaq Yaku – Path of the Dead

This guide provides a walkthrough for the Path of the Dead mission in Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

This page details how to complete the Path of the Dead quest in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which involves leaving the temple and returning to the Kuwaq Yaku village. After examining the main hall of the temple, the protagonist must navigate through the jungle to reach the village.

  • Leaving the Temple
  • Crossing the Jungle

Leaving the Temple

To leave the hall with the mural, squeeze through the damaged wall. In the next room, Lara will examine a monolith and acquire a new skill called Eagle’s Talon. This skill enables Lara to take out enemies from above, and you will have the opportunity to test it out soon.

Approach the edge, jump into the water, and dive. This is the first time in the game where you will need to avoid piranhas. If Lara is spotted and attacked, she will die quickly. When using survival instinct, schools of piranhas will be marked in red. Try to swim around them or hide among the plants growing on the bottom of the water (as seen in the picture above).

When exploring the submerged area, don’t forget about your limited oxygen supply underwater. You can use air pockets to resupply. In the eastern part of the pond, you will find an underwater tunnel. Swimming through it will allow you to get to the surface and leave the ruins, finally reaching the shore.

Crossing the Jungle

Shortly after starting your journey across the jungle, Lara will encounter new enemies. Climb a tree to get a better view of the mercenary shown in the picture above. You can use this enemy to test the Eagle’s Talon skill. Press the takedown button when the enemy is close enough. Lara will use a rope arrow to create a noose and hang the enemy, killing them instantly.

Note that later on in the game, investing 3 points in upgrading the Eagle’s Talon skill to Eagle’s Talon II will enable you to hide the enemy’s body in the treetop, helping you remain undetected.

Eliminate the nearby enemies using any method you prefer and proceed towards the village. After maneuvering between the trees, Lara will enter a large area populated by enemies.

As usual, stealth is recommended to deal with the opposition. Use the Eagle’s Talon skill, but don’t forget other tricks you’ve learned. The armored enemy standing on the overgrown wreckage will be the biggest challenge. Do not attempt to kill them with a bow, as they will survive a headshot. Instead, take out nearby enemies and sneak up on the armored enemy from behind.

After clearing the area, find a shelf to climb. Continue walking in a linear path. Lara will encounter the bodies of dead mercenaries, but there will be no further fights in this section.

To go back to the entrance of the ruins, head towards Jonah and Abby. Once you reach the area, approach the little hole located inside the ruins. Doing so will activate a cut-scene, after which Lara will be transported to a different spot where she must finish both the Jaguar and Spider Trials.


What is the Path of the Dead in Kuwaq Yaku?

The Path of the Dead is a location in Kuwaq Yaku, an area in the video game “Shadow of the Tomb Raider.” It is a dangerous and dark temple filled with traps and puzzles to solve. The temple is said to be cursed, and those who enter it may never return. The Path of the Dead is an important location in the game, as it is where Lara Croft must go to retrieve a powerful artifact.

How do you escape the Path of the Dead in Kuwaq Yaku?

Escaping the Path of the Dead in Kuwaq Yaku can be challenging, but there are some tips that can help. First, pay close attention to your surroundings and look for clues to solve the puzzles in the temple. Use your skills and tools to navigate the traps and avoid danger. Be prepared to fight enemies if necessary. Once you have retrieved the artifact, backtrack carefully to avoid any additional traps or enemies. Finally, use the artifact to open the exit and escape the temple. With careful planning and strategy, you can successfully escape the Path of the Dead in Kuwaq Yaku.

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