Escape with Unuratu and Explore the Sinchi Chiqa Tomb – Last Emperor

This guide offers a walkthrough for the Escape with Unuratu and Sinchi Chiqa story mission in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. It also includes a walkthrough for the Last Emperor story mission, which involves escaping the Temple of Kukulkan and exploring the Sinchi Chiqa tomb while battling cultists.

  • Escape the Temple of Kukulkan with Unuratu
  • Reach the Sinchi Chiqa tomb
  • Defeat the cultists

Escape the Temple of Kukulkan with Unuratu

Start by breaking down the weak wall in Unuratu’s cell using Lara’s axe. Then, aim the bow at the rope coil and zip down to begin the escape. Take down the cultist and climb onto the new shelf. Jump towards the climbing wall and use the grappling axe to proceed. Throw off another cultist and follow Unuratu through the temple until you reach the upper city.

Reach the Sinchi Chiqa Tomb

Move closer to the ruler’s tomb and jump onto the climbing wall by the damaged statue. Climb on the right hand of the statue and use the grappling axe to jump to the left hand of the statue. From there, jump to the ledges using the grappling axe to reach the Sinchi Chiqa tomb.

Once you complete a successful jump, enter the building to access the Sinchi Chiqa tomb. Keep following the straightforward path, which has several hidden secrets, until you reach the room where a cut-scene will appear. This scene will show the exploration of the tomb and the death of Unuratu. You will also receive a photo of the Stone Cup.

To defeat the cultists, start by hiding in the bushes and remaining undetected for as long as possible. Try to locate cultists who are traveling alone or are not in the sight of other enemies.

If you are forced into a fight, stay on the move and avoid the cultists with melee weapons. Look for chances to detonate the red exploding containers. Once you have secured the area, proceed to the exit location. This will trigger a longer cut-scene, where the helicopter will attack the heroes’ boat. Lara will find herself on the Porvenir Oil Fields and a new mission will begin.


1. What is the Sinchi Chiqa tomb in Last Emperor?

The Sinchi Chiqa tomb is a location in the game Last Emperor where the player can explore the ancient tomb of the last emperor of Paititi. The tomb is filled with traps, puzzles, and enemies, making it a challenging but rewarding experience for players who manage to complete it.

2. Who is Unuratu in Last Emperor?

Unuratu is a character in Last Emperor who plays an important role in the game’s story. She is the queen of Paititi and a key ally to the player character, helping them throughout their journey. The player must work with Unuratu to uncover the secrets of the city and stop the evil organization known as Trinity from obtaining powerful artifacts.

3. What kind of challenges can players expect in the Sinchi Chiqa tomb?

The Sinchi Chiqa tomb is filled with a variety of challenges that players must overcome to progress. These include platforming sections where the player must jump and climb their way through the tomb, puzzles that require the player to use their wits to solve, and combat encounters with dangerous enemies. Additionally, the tomb is filled with deadly traps that can instantly kill the player if they are not careful.

4. How does the exploration of the Sinchi Chiqa tomb tie into the overall story of Last Emperor?

The exploration of the Sinchi Chiqa tomb is an important part of the overall story of Last Emperor. The tomb contains clues and artifacts that help the player character learn more about the history of Paititi and the ancient civilization that once inhabited the city. Additionally, the tomb is home to a powerful artifact that Trinity is trying to obtain, so the player must race against time to reach the artifact before their enemies do.

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