Explore the Cambridge Polymer Labs

The Cambridge Polymer Labs is an old building that used to house a laboratory. Upon entering, you will be greeted by Molly, a robot supervisor who will offer you a job at the company. If you agree, she will take you to a room on the left and tell you about the factory’s history. You will then be taken deeper into the complex, where you will enter the decontamination chamber and start the Cambridge Polymer Labs quest.

1. Molly is the first robot you will encounter inside the complex.

2. To hear Molly’s story, you need to sit on the only chair in the room.

3. The decontamination chamber will lock you in and start the Cambridge Polymer Labs quest.

4. You will be attacked by a group of ghouls as soon as you exit the chamber.

5. Sample 11317 can be found in Room C2 on the lower level, where you will also conduct the final experiment. Sample 49 is located in Room C1 on the upper level, behind a venting shaft grate that leads to a room locked with a master lock. Sample 611 is in Room C3, also on the upper level, which can be accessed through the venting shaft.

By activating the defense systems using the terminal in Room C3, you can open the door out and complete the quest. Rooms C4 and C5 on the lower level contain samples 65 and 413, as well as the terminal that opens the door to the reactor chamber.

6. The reactor room can be accessed using the terminal in Room C4. You will encounter an irradiated ghoul inside, and you will find sample 3111.

7. The manager’s office, located on the upper level, is locked with a master lock and can be opened by Molly after completing the quest. You will find a fusion core and Massachusetts Surgical Journal inside.


What is Cambridge Polymer Labs?

Cambridge Polymer Labs is a research facility located in Cambridge, Massachusetts that specializes in polymer research and development. It was founded in the early 21st century and has since become one of the leading institutions in the field of polymer science. The facility is home to some of the most advanced equipment and technologies available for polymer research, and employs a team of highly skilled scientists and engineers.

What kind of research is conducted at Cambridge Polymer Labs?

The research conducted at Cambridge Polymer Labs covers a wide range of areas in polymer science. This includes the development of new polymer materials, the study of polymer properties and behavior, and the design of new polymer-based products. Some of the specific research areas include polymer synthesis, characterization, processing, and modeling. The facility also conducts research in related areas such as materials science, chemistry, and engineering.

What are some of the applications of polymer research?

Polymer research has a wide range of applications in many different industries. For example, polymers are used in the production of plastics, adhesives, coatings, and packaging materials. They are also used in the medical field for the development of drug delivery systems, implants, and medical devices. Other applications include electronics, aerospace, and energy storage. The research conducted at Cambridge Polymer Labs aims to develop new polymer materials and technologies that can be used in these and other areas.

What kind of career opportunities are available at Cambridge Polymer Labs?

Cambridge Polymer Labs offers a range of career opportunities for scientists and engineers. These include positions in research and development, product design, process engineering, and quality control. The facility also offers internships and co-op programs for students who are interested in pursuing a career in polymer science. In addition, there are opportunities for individuals with backgrounds in business, marketing, and other areas to work in support roles within the organization. Overall, Cambridge Polymer Labs is a dynamic and innovative workplace that offers many opportunities for professional growth and development.

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