Exploring the Sentinel Site

The Sentinel Site is a massive pyramid-shaped bunker that plays a crucial role in the Brotherhood of Steel’s main quests. As you explore, you’ll come across numerous ghouls lurking inside.

To disable the alarm and unlock all doors, you’ll need to head to the bottom floor and use the terminal.

Inside one of the laboratory rooms near the entrance, you’ll find an Astoundingly Awesome Tales magazine.

If you head down the tunnel and use a terminal to open the door to the bomb warehouse, you’ll find a miniature atomic bomb. However, be sure to watch out for high radiation levels in the room.


What is a Sentinel Site?

A Sentinel Site is a location or area that is specifically designated to monitor and track changes in the environment, such as air quality, water quality, or wildlife populations. These sites are strategically chosen to represent a larger area or ecosystem, and are monitored over time to detect any changes or trends that may indicate environmental problems or threats. Sentinel Sites are typically chosen based on their proximity to pollution sources or areas of concern, and may be located in urban, suburban, or rural areas.

What is the purpose of a Sentinel Site?

The primary purpose of a Sentinel Site is to provide early warning of environmental changes or problems that may have negative impacts on human health or the environment. By monitoring and tracking changes in the environment over time, scientists and environmental managers can identify potential problems before they become widespread or difficult to control. Sentinel Sites also provide a valuable source of data for environmental research and policy development, and can help inform decision-making related to land use, resource management, and public health.

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