Exploring the World of Elex: Where to Go First?

If you want to know how to navigate the world of Magalan in Elex, this chapter is for you. Here, we’ll outline the order in which you should visit the main cities and provide tips on what to do when you get there for the first time.

To ensure a smooth journey and avoid running into dangerous areas before you’re ready, follow our suggested order of exploration and complete the recommended actions in each city.

The game begins in the ruins of Edan, marked as point 1 on the map. Jax meets Duras upon leaving the ruins, who offers to take him to the Goliet village. It’s advisable to accept the offer as it will make killing the first few monsters easier. On the way to Goliet, you can stop at point 2 to complete a small quest to find a Clerics’ weapon. This location will later become your team’s camp.

Goliet, marked as point 3 on the map, is the Berserkers’ headquarters and a great chance to complete some optional quests. You can also work for all three factions before deciding which one to join. Duras can be found here and he can be your first companion. However, it’s important to avoid dangerous quests that require visiting dangerous regions of Edan or defeating powerful enemies. These quests can be left for later when your character reaches a higher level.

The next city you can visit is either Domed City or The Fort. Domed City, located in Abessa (point 4 on the map), offers new side quests and the chance to recruit Caja to your team. The Fort, located in Tavar (point 6 on the map), is the Outlaws’ headquarters and offers similar opportunities. Ray can be recruited to your team at Sandy Pines motel, marked as point 5 on the map, before heading to The Fort.

Origin, located on the border between Abessa and Edan (point 7 on the map), is a smaller location connected to one of the main quests in the game. Completing a few quests here will reward you with a lot of experience points.

The last big city in the game is called Hort and is located in Ignadon (point 8 on the map). It’s the Clerics’ headquarters and inhabited by strong monsters. It’s advisable to unlock a teleport near Domed City to reach Hort easily.

Additional information about traveling is provided in the game.

The frozen region known as Xacor, situated in the north (indicated by the large X on the map), should be avoided until later in the storyline as there are no friendly cities present and many formidable enemies that pose a significant challenge for characters below level 20-25. To travel between cities, you can take the main roads or venture through the wilderness, though the latter option will require frequent use of the jet pack and will likely result in battles with monsters. Fortunately, you can evade many of these foes by sprinting and utilizing the jet pack. Rest assured that your companion will not be left behind, as they will be transported back to Jax regardless.


1. What are some tips for exploring the world in Elex?

There are a few things to keep in mind when exploring the world of Elex. First, be sure to take advantage of the game’s verticality. Many areas can be accessed by climbing or flying, so don’t be afraid to take to the skies. Second, make use of your jetpack to reach new areas and find hidden treasures. Third, be prepared for combat encounters as you explore, as enemies can appear at any time. Finally, keep an eye out for landmarks and interesting locations, as they often lead to quests and important items.

2. Should I focus on exploring one area at a time, or roam around freely?

It’s up to you! Elex is designed to be an open world game, so you can explore and discover at your own pace. You may find it helpful to focus on one area at a time and complete all available quests before moving on, or you may prefer to roam around and discover new locations as you go. Keep in mind that some areas may be more difficult than others, so be prepared for a challenge if you decide to explore a high-level area early on.

3. Are there any special items or abilities that can help me explore the world more effectively?

Yes, there are several items and abilities that can make exploring the world of Elex easier and more rewarding. The jetpack is a must-have for reaching high places and crossing large gaps, while the Hunter’s Bow is a useful weapon for taking out enemies from a distance. The Sneak ability can also be helpful for avoiding combat encounters and sneaking past enemies to reach your destination. Finally, be sure to keep an eye out for Elexit and other valuable items, as they can be used to purchase new gear and upgrades to help you on your journey.

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