Exploring the World of Far Cry 6

On this page, you will find information about exploring the world in Far Cry 6. You will learn about the map’s layout, how to navigate it, what activities are available, and how to uncover secrets.

This guide provides information on exploring the map in Far Cry 6. You will learn about the map’s appearance, how to traverse it, what is worth exploring, what activities you can participate in, and how to uncover as much as possible.

  • Map Size
  • Means of Traversing the Map
  • Side Activities
  • Flying
  • Means of Quickly Exploring the World
  • Searching for Secrets
  • NPCs Reacting to the Main Character

Map Size

The smallest island in the game is Isla Santuario, which is only visited during the game’s opening hours. Isla Santuario is just the beginning, and players will discover more areas as they progress through the story. Yara is divided into four regions, three of which are very large. These include Madrugada, El Este, and Valle De Oro. In each region, players will encounter plenty of side activities, races, Yaran stories, or various secrets.

The last region is the capital of Yara, Esperanza, which is the largest city ever created in the Far Cry series. It consists of numerous streets and buildings, but part of the city is closed off with walls, buildings, control points, and gates. Players can only get past these obstacles by reaching specific places, such as the sewers that let them get past the barricades.

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Means of Traversing the Map

Far Cry 6 provides players with various vehicles and means of transportation, making exploring the map and uncovering secrets easier. Players can simply drive around and enjoy the views, such as sunsets over the water. The vehicles and means of transport available in Far Cry 6 include cars, motorcycles, horses, scooters, quads, jet skis, boats, trucks, helicopters, planes, and tanks.

Side Activities

Exploring the game world in Far Cry 6 will lead players to various activities. Some require more commitment than others and can even be completed during missions. Far Cry 6 features Yaran stories, races, crates with resources/spray cans/gun charms, unique weapons, mythical animals, treasure hunts, Criptograma chests, hidden histories, roosters, USB songs, and military targets.


Players cannot uncover the map by moving above its surface. Helicopters, planes, and the wingsuit cannot be used to uncover the map. Instead, players can use the parachute to observe the world from above and examine newly discovered areas.

Methods for Efficiently Exploring the Game World

There are several ways to uncover the map in the game, but it is best to adapt to the terrain you are currently exploring. Some areas feature a lot of mountains, while others can be easily traversed by car. To make exploration easier, you can:

  1. Travel on main roads with fast vehicles;
  2. Explore the waters with boats or other swimming vehicles;
  3. Ride horses, which can take you to a point you marked on the map on their own;
  4. Use a parachute when possible;
  5. Use climbing ropes to climb in designated areas.

The map can be easily uncovered through various activities such as main missions, side quests, and races that require you to reach a specific destination within a certain time limit. However, it is important not to use any flying vehicles while doing so, as this will not reveal anything.

Discovering Secrets in the Game World

The game features many side activities and secrets to discover. Some are easy to find, while others require more focus and knowledge of where to look. The guide lists the locations of these secrets on separate pages. However, many objects and secrets appear on the map and mini-map, including:

  1. Anti-tank guns;
  2. FND bases;
  3. Roosters;
  4. Races;
  5. USB songs;
  6. Criptograma chests;
  7. Resource crates;
  8. Spray can crates;
  9. Gun charm crates;
  10. Treasure hunts;
  11. Unique weapons.

However, the mini-map does not display hidden stories, fishing spots (available on the main map), hunting locations (available on the main map), or mythical animals (available on the main map).

NPC Reactions to the Main Character

Travelling across the map, you will encounter various NPCs, some of whom will attack you on sight, particularly if you approach them with your weapon drawn or if they are guarding something.

Other NPCs react in different ways. Some may be scared of you, while others may ask for help or insult you. It is not necessary to pay attention to them, and you can freely take vehicles from them without resistance, even if they get angry. However, it is not a good idea to run around with your weapon drawn, as this will attract the attention of the authorities and frighten the residents. If you initiate a gunfight, residents will run away as fast as possible.


1. What is the setting of Far Cry 6?

Far Cry 6 is set on the fictional Caribbean island of Yara, which is inspired by Cuba. The island is ruled by the dictator Anton Castillo, who is fighting against a rebellion led by his own son Diego. The game is set in a modern-day version of Yara, but it has a unique blend of old and new elements. The island is divided into several regions, each with its own distinct environment, wildlife, and culture.

2. What are the gameplay mechanics of Far Cry 6?

Far Cry 6 is an open-world first-person shooter game that focuses on exploration and combat. Players can explore the island of Yara, take on side missions, and engage in various activities such as fishing and hunting. The game also features a crafting system that allows players to create weapons and equipment using resources found on the island. Combat is a major part of the game, and players can use a variety of weapons, skills, and tactics to take down enemies.

3. What are the new features in Far Cry 6?

Far Cry 6 introduces several new features to the series, including a new animal companion system. Players can recruit and train various animals such as a crocodile or a rooster to assist them in combat. The game also features a new guerrilla warfare system that allows players to build their own bases and recruit fighters to join their cause. The game also introduces a new third-person camera option for certain actions such as climbing and swimming.

4. How does the story of Far Cry 6 unfold?

The story of Far Cry 6 revolves around the conflict between the dictator Anton Castillo and his son Diego, who wants to overthrow his father and liberate the people of Yara. The player takes on the role of a guerrilla fighter who joins the rebellion and works to take down the regime. The story is presented through cutscenes and missions, and players can make choices that affect the outcome of the game.

5. What is the overall tone and atmosphere of Far Cry 6?

Far Cry 6 has a dark and gritty tone that reflects the oppressive regime of Anton Castillo. The game explores themes of revolution, oppression, and family, and features complex characters with their own motivations and backstories. The island of Yara is a beautiful but dangerous place, with lush jungles, pristine beaches, and treacherous mountains. The game also features a diverse soundtrack that includes both modern and traditional Cuban music.

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