Far Cry 6: Bottle Episode – walkthrough

This page of the Far Cry 6 guide provides a detailed walkthrough of the Bottle Episode Operation. This mission involves completing a drunken adventure with Bicho in Segunda.

This page of the Far Cry 6 guide contains a walkthrough of the Bottle Episode, which is one of the main missions in Valle De Oro. The guide includes information on where to find Bicho, how to obtain alcohol, how to navigate the mission with drunk Bicho, and how to vandalize Maria’s office.

  • Rewards for completing the quest
  • Meet Bicho
  • Steal more booze
  • Get to the party
  • Find Bicho
  • Vandalize the billboards
  • Help Bicho find the FND Recruitment Office
  • Trash Maria’s office

Rewards for completing the quest

  1. El Ron Charm.

Meet Bicho

To start the mission, you must have completed the Hype Bomb operation. After that, find Bicho napping on a bench in Segunda.

Steal more booze

Head to the designated location and steal a crate of booze from a nearby military bar. You can either fight the enemies or quickly take the alcohol and leave the area. Return to Bicho with the booze.

Get to the party

Proceed to the church and talk to the DJ to start the party. Drink the alcohol you brought with you by holding down the interaction button.

Find Bicho

After a few cutscenes, you will need to find Bicho. Check the farm on the outskirts of Segunda to locate him. Then, head back to the city with Bicho.

Vandalize the billboards

To complete this objective, scribble on any two billboards nearby. You don’t need to vandalize every billboard in the game.

Help Bicho find the FND Recruitment Office

Go to the FND Recruitment Offices in the southern part of Segunda to find the entrance to the building. Then, go to the adjacent room with Bicho to help him complete his objective.

Trash Maria’s office

Use any firearm to destroy the objects in Maria’s office until the damage bar is full. Another cutscene will mark the end of your drunken adventure with Bicho.


1. What is Bottle Episode in Far Cry 6?

Bottle Episode is a side mission in Far Cry 6 that takes place in a confined space, where players must complete objectives and defeat enemies. It is called a “bottle episode” because it is self-contained and takes place in a single location, much like a bottle that contains everything inside. In this mission, players are trapped inside a bunker and must find their way out by solving puzzles and fighting off enemies. The mission is challenging and offers a unique gameplay experience that is different from the main storyline.

2. How do I unlock Bottle Episode in Far Cry 6?

To unlock Bottle Episode in Far Cry 6, players must first complete the main storyline mission “Blood and Sand”. After completing this mission, players will receive a call from a character named Juan Cortez, who will offer them the Bottle Episode mission. Players can then access the mission from the map and start playing. It is important to note that players must have a certain level of experience and equipment to successfully complete Bottle Episode.

3. What are some tips for completing Bottle Episode in Far Cry 6?

Bottle Episode can be a challenging mission, but there are some tips that can help players successfully complete it. First, players should take their time and explore the environment to find all the clues and items they need to progress. Second, players should use stealth and take out enemies quietly to avoid alerting others. Third, players should make use of their equipment, including weapons, grenades, and other items, to defeat enemies and solve puzzles. Finally, players should not rush and should take breaks if they are feeling frustrated or stuck.

4. What rewards can I get from completing Bottle Episode in Far Cry 6?

Completing Bottle Episode in Far Cry 6 will reward players with a unique weapon called the “Bottle Launcher”. This weapon fires explosive bottles and is a fun and unique addition to the game. In addition to the weapon, players will also receive experience points and in-game currency for completing the mission. The amount of rewards will depend on the player’s performance and how well they complete the mission.

5. Can I replay Bottle Episode in Far Cry 6?

Yes, players can replay Bottle Episode in Far Cry 6 after completing it. To replay the mission, players can access it from the map and select the “Replay” option. This allows players to experience the mission again and try to improve their performance or discover new things. Players can also replay the mission to collect all the rewards and achievements associated with it. However, it is important to note that replaying the mission will not reset the rewards or experience points earned from the previous playthrough.

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