Far Cry 6: El Este – complete list of collectibles & secrets

On this page, you will find everything you need to know about the El Este region in Far Cry 6. Discover the Unique Weapons, Mythical Animals, Treasure Hunts, Criptograma Charts, Roosters, USB Songs, FND bases, and Anti-Aircraft Guns that can be found there.

  • Subregions
  • Unique Weapons
  • Mythical Animals
  • Treasure Hunts
  • Criptograma Charts
  • Roosters
  • USB Songs
  • FND bases
  • Anti-Aircraft Guns


The El Este region is divided into 3 sub-regions:

  1. Sierra Perdida
  2. Conuco
  3. La Joya

Unique Weapons

In El Este, you can find a variety of unique weapons such as Camo Quinceanera, Death Rites, and Noblesse Oblige. For a complete list, check out this section.

Mythical Animals

One mythical creature, Sanguinario, can be found in El Este. Defeat it to craft the Primal Pants.

Treasure Hunts

This region also has several treasure hunts, including A Little Birdie Told Me and The Long Drop.

  1. A Little Birdie Told Me
  2. A Rising Tide
  3. Passing The Torch
  4. Sweet Fifteen
  5. Mimo Abosi’s Triada Relic
  6. The Emerald Skull
  7. Parting Gifts
  8. The Long Drop

Criptograma Charts

El Este has 8 criptograma charts hidden throughout the region. Find out where to locate them in this section.


There are 3 rooster crates in El Este. Learn more about their locations in this section.

USB Songs

Discover the locations of the 4 USB drives in El Este in this section.

FND bases

Uncover the 7 FND bases scattered throughout El Este in this section.

Anti-Aircraft Guns

Finally, this region also has 8 Anti-Aircraft Guns. Check out this section to find out where they are located.


1. What are the collectibles and secrets in Far Cry 6: El Este?

In Far Cry 6: El Este, there are a variety of collectibles and secrets to discover. These include:

  • Treasure Chests – These contain valuable loot such as weapons, crafting materials, and money.
  • Journal Entries – These provide additional backstory and lore to the game.
  • Photographs – These show snapshots of life in El Este and can also unlock new missions.
  • Propaganda Posters – These are posters created by the dictatorial regime in power in El Este and destroying them can help weaken their hold on the region.
  • Baseball Cards – These are collectible items that can be found throughout the game and traded in for rewards.

2. How do I find collectibles and secrets in Far Cry 6: El Este?

Collectibles and secrets can be found scattered throughout the game world in Far Cry 6: El Este. They can appear on your map as icons or be hidden in out of the way places. You can use your binoculars to scan for them or listen for audio cues that may indicate their presence. Some collectibles require specific actions to unlock, such as completing a certain mission or using a particular weapon.

3. What do I get for collecting all the items in Far Cry 6: El Este?

Collecting all the items in Far Cry 6: El Este can provide a variety of rewards. These include:

  • Unlocking new weapons and gear.
  • Earning additional money and crafting materials.
  • Receiving special achievements or trophies.
  • Uncovering more of the game’s story and lore.

4. Are there any missable collectibles in Far Cry 6: El Este?

While most collectibles and secrets in Far Cry 6: El Este can be found at any time during the game, there are some that may be missable. For example, if you fail to complete a certain mission or trigger a specific event, you may miss out on the opportunity to find a particular collectible. To avoid missing anything, it’s important to explore thoroughly and complete all available missions and side quests.

5. Can I replay missions to find missed collectibles in Far Cry 6: El Este?

Yes, you can replay missions in Far Cry 6: El Este to find missed collectibles. Once you have completed a mission, you can replay it at any time from the game’s main menu. This can be useful if you missed a collectible during your initial playthrough or if you want to try a different approach to the mission.

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